Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg

Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg In 2022

It can be very disappointing when trying to satisfy your sweet tooth with hot pizza and not being able to get the big green egg to the right temperature. Having an issue like this will keep you waiting so long for your pizza to be ready, especially if you need to share it with your loved ones.

Waiting patiently for this to be ready and piping hot can elicit anxiousness and you might need to consciously keep an eye on it. That’s the part most of us abhor.

Well, instead of bothering yourself with always checking it and keeping your eye constantly on your smoker, it will be a lot better to set it and then do other things with the help of a temperature controller.

Selecting an important product like this can be a little difficult; this is why you are getting this article, you would be getting well-researched information on the best temperature controller for a big green egg that will serve you conveniently.

You would be informed on how to choose your own best temperature controller and the features you need to look out for while buying. Now let’s see the best 7 temperature controller for Big Green Egg you should try.


Product Name

Our Rating


Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

5 Out Of 5

TempMaster Bluetooth BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

5 Out Of 5

SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller

4 Out Of 5

BBQ Guru's UltraQ Bluetooth/Wi-Fi BBQ Temperature Controller

4 Out Of 5

7 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg In 2022

1. Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

This is a masterpiece from the Flame Boss brand, with this traditional BBQ pitmasters, has nothing on you. This is because it is one of the best temperature controllers for big green egg that helps you have mouth-watering fish dishes or delicious meat without needing to babysit your smoker all day long.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of watching your grill hours unending without having fun or sleep. With Flame Boss these issues are all forgotten stress. All you need to do is to set the configuration and you are on your way to resting while your meat is being grilled.

How would you like to view graphs of your food temperature, cook, monitor pits, and even change the temperature of your pit via your phone? All of these are possible with Flame Boss as it comes with an online dashboard that you can view all of that. All you need to do is to link it with a device that has a browser and you are done.

Another outstanding thing about Flame boss is that it has the latest technology which comes with a variable-speed blower that will aid in the exact management of the temperature. This is to show you that it would be worth your money to get one today.

You can’t go wrong buying this big Green Egg Temperature Controller as it comes with superior versatility. You can use it with either a vision grill or the kamado-style charcoal grills.

Highlighted features

  • This product can support about 3 meat probes
  • You would enjoy this product as it comes with grill adapters and WIFI controller
  • Precisely controlling the temperature as you desired
  • It has customized alarms and alerts for your needed cooking time
  • Extra software installation is hassle-free

2. TempMaster Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Controller 

TempMaster Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Controller 

The main aim of getting a big Green Egg Temperature Control is to enable you to have hassle-free temperature control. So if your temperature controller doesn’t provide an excellent function of this, then it makes no sense to get one in the first place. But with TempMaster Bluetooth BBQ temperature controller you would have fun enjoying this function and many more. This product comes with an award-winning technology with just one-dial operations. It gives the same consistent temperature to enclosed grills no matter how many times the lid is opened

If you need to be a pitmaster instantly then you have to go for this green egg temperature controller. As you can cook off-grid with Kamado-Go. It is the easiest controller to use as you simply need to either click or dial your operations. It has a flexible silicone air hose and starting –up can be done manually and comes with three fast responding probes. The probes are a long meat probe, one small footprint grill probe, and a short mat probe.

If you love the portability of a product, then going for this controller for your big egg will be your best bet, as it is powerful and a compact size. With this, you would be getting very fast reading probes. Also, you would be making the temperature adjustment and menu navigation in a breeze.

Highlighted features

  • Can be used with vision grill, ceramic smokers, and Akorn kamado
  • It is of BBQube brand with OLED display resolution
  • It can be monitored with a phone via Bluetooth
  • It has three fast-probing probes
  • Maintain steady temperature in all enclosed grill

3. SMOBOT Wifi Kamado Grill And Smoker Temperature Controller

SMOBOT Wifi Kamado Grill And Smoker Temperature Controller

The SMOBOT WIFI Kamado Grill and Smoker temperature controller is one of the best temperature controllers for big green out there. If you are a busy person and love to multi-task then using this controller will accurately manage your grill.

You know that the major issue with grilling is the perfect timing to get your meat evenly cooked. So with this product, you can run around accomplishing other things while also perfectly controlling the grill temperature

With SMOBOT Wifi controllers you would eliminate guesswork now as the product comes with exact and consistent controlling options. All you need to do is to attach your controller to your grill and you go about your other business, as this device will keep you updated on things concerning your barbecuing.

Again, setting this device up is pretty straightforward.  You can even achieve cloud monitoring with the  product, you can from anywhere monitor your cook and even adjust your setpoint

If you need to have the best temperature control for your grill, then you would be using the perfect product, as SMOBOT has a robotic damper that provides this. Also, this product’s proprietary technology with integrated WIFI will aid in connecting to your local wireless network, so with this, there will be cloud-based monitoring and improvement of the firmware.

Highlighted features

  • It has multiple food probes for monitoring food in different locations
  • Gives accurate measurement of temperatures in the grill
  • Easy cloud monitoring anywhere you are
  • Gives a perfect update about your grill
  • Provides natural temperature control for the grill

4. BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Bluetooth/WIFI BBQ Temperature Controller

BBQ Guru's UltraQ Bluetooth/WIFI BBQ Temperature Controller

While a big green egg is a perfect device to get that slow-cooked meat that will offer you tenderized smoky taste, getting the temperature to be even when the whole cook time is on can be difficult. But the good news is that new technology has got you covered, you no longer need to be frustrated about such issues.

The BBQ Guru’s controller is just that device you would need for your big green egg, it will aid in giving you a consistent temperature that will leave your meat as tender as you desire

You don’t need to keep an eye on your steak anymore, you just need to control and monitor your smokey meat from a distance using the controller with either your Wifi or Bluetooth enabled Android or your IOS enabled phone. You would gladly measure accurately your pit and food temperature with the use of the high precision and dishwasher digital temperature probes.

This product is the best big green egg temperature controller, it is pretty smart as it knows when the lid is open for a long time and gets it adjusted accordingly.  You would be able to get an alert or emails whenever you are to control your cook.

With this device, you shouldn’t expect less of succulent, juicy, and delicious meat as it will only present you with an even temperature that wouldn’t leave your barbeque either burnt or too dry.

You would love its features as it offers state-of-the-art technology like the Guru status light ring which you can receive visual feedback on the status of your cooking temperature, you can use your mobile as your control unit, the LED display with scanning as well as a 5-in-1 versatile for the device mount.

Highlighted features

  • Have anti-skid rubber feet for safe placement on any surface
  • Come with an LED display for viewing precise probe temperature
  • It is compatible with grill
  • An exclusive ramp mode that will limit overcooking of meat
  • Provides oven-like precision

5. LavaLock 4 Probe Automatic BBQ Controller

LavaLock 4 Probe Automatic BBQ Controller

One outstanding problem encountered with manually checking temperature and ascertaining that there’s even distribution of temperature is inconsistency. You might be a little busy so make sure that the meat is correctly and evenly cooked becomes a problem.

With just the everyday green egg you would be having a slower smoking and processing time to wait out and consistently check on your barbecue. This can be boring and tiresome.

The best solution here will be getting a big green egg temperature control and LavaLock 4 Probe Automatic BBQ controller is the answer. This product is a simple one-button operation. You have different adapters that you can use on any charcoal smokers and pits. It is very simple to use and installation is done in no time.

You would be enjoying this product as it has expert support with an open lid detection with any manual influence. So because of the digital control that it comes with, you only get tender and juicy barbeque steaks like never before.

The good thing is that you can easily use this product whether you are a beginner or a professional cook. You would have an outdoor meat smoking and grilling experience that is exciting.

There will be no issue with maintaining both even and low temperatures as you desired for hours. You know that the secret to getting well-cooked and tasty meat is by having a consistent cooking temperature which this device provides.

You would be having a universal device that is compatible with multiple adapters for no-drill installation that can be used with BGE, Ugly Drum Smoker, WSM, and other pits.

Highlighted features

  • Can be used with almost all BBQ pit
  • It is a simple one-button operation device
  • With this product, you do not need a drilling
  • It gives a 110v power supply, no need for battery when cooking is on
  • For well-known smokers, it offers stainless adapter platters.

6. WIFI & Bluetooth BBQ Temperature controller

Looking for the best BBQ temperature controller for big green eggs, then you should check out WIFI & Bluetooth BBQ Temperature controller. From my experience, you would be having value for your money.

The constant issue with barbecuing is the hours needed for the steaks or meat to evenly cook. But that will be history if you have this controller. You can go about your business while still being in control of the temperature.

You don’t need to worry any longer about your barbecue as you would have accurate controlling options with this device. You just have to attach it to your grill and you automatically will be getting the update that you need. There’s also the smart WIFI technology with this product, this will help you change your temperature at will without needing to near the grill. 

You have the Bluetooth smoker controller too, it comes with both low and high-temperature timers with temperature graphs, it will help you analyze your cooking data. The graph notes are also to help you review them later.

The overall point is that with the aid of this state-of-the-art technology you can now conveniently control and manage your cooking time.  This green egg temperature controller has all the characteristics needed to give high performance for your barbecue.

So if you go for this temperature controller then you are choosing simplicity of work where you can multitask without thinking about your meat getting too dry or burnt.

Highlighted features

  • It is compatible with multiple brands
  • Comes with an automatic and powerful speed fan for speed adjustment
  • Great temperature calibration and range for continuous monitoring
  • Has both Bluetooth and wifi control and can be controlled by two people at a time
  • It about 5 probes for different brands

7. Flame Boss 400 Wifi Smoker Controller

Without any doubt Flame Boss 400 Wifi smoker controller is the best temperature controller for the big green in the market now. With the advent of technology, it is a lot easier to charcoal grill without having to stress yourself with the right temperature.

The Flame Boss 400 Wifi smoker controller gives you the opportunity of controlling your device with your voice via Amazon Alexa device or Google Home. All you need to do is connect your meat and pit probe to your controller fan unit and it will send all the data collected to the app.

You can get the app downloaded easily to your gadget for use; this app has different kinds of alarms for your use. You would also have progress graphs and text notifications. So with this big green temperature range, you would be up to date with what is happening with your barbecue, you don’t even need to get near it.

You can use the app as well with your tablet or a computer to monitor everything. One thing you would take away from this product is the ease of setting it up. Unlike others, you only need to connect to your WIFI via the app, and you are done. It can be concluded that it is user-friendly

Highlighted features

  • It comes with only one unit that keeps the workspace clear
  • Elimination of onboard display
  • Installing is done in a breeze
  • Connect to the controller without an internet connection
  • Comes in an innovative new design

Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

When you are looking to buy some of the best temperature controller for big green eggs, then you should go for one that can steadily monitor the temperature in your meat and smoker. Again, your choice should be able to adjust the temperature up or down without your effort when the temperature strays.

This is why you need to have a pre-knowledge of what you intend to buy that will give you the most value for your hard-earned money.

When you need to get a controller for your smoker, you need to consider the below points before getting one

Check the Quality of the Controller

Just like any material or build of a thing you want, you need to go for a high-performing one. The temperature controller where it will be used has a lot of heat, is harsh, and has the potential for both spills and drops.

With these issues, you would need to go for a controller that has spill-resistant housing materials, high-temperature probes, and only features that would prolong its life. The bottom line here is to avoid cheap-priced ones.

Check its Level of Compatibility

You should know by now that not all temperature controllers work with a smoker. Some work with kamados and some don’t. What you need to do is check the brand the controller is compatible with before going for it. Only buy it if it is compatible with your big green egg

Check the WIFI Functionality

If you have a really busy life and multitask a lot, then you need to go for a temperature controller with WIFI connection. A lot of barbecue controllers have this feature of in-built WIFI or Bluetooth.

So you check for these ones to buy. You would have your meat grilled without leaving it unattended since you would still be in control of your connection. With this feature, you would be enjoying extended smoking sessions with no hassle.

Check the Alarm Programming

If you would always want to get an update on when your grilled meat has reached the target temperature, over-temperature alert, lid open notification, etc?. then you would need to buy a controller with alarms feature on it.

A lot of good controllers come with some programmable and built-in alarms, so you need to be sure you get one with this feature. With this feature, you would be kept abreast of how close you are to eating your juicy and spicy barbecue.

Again, you would know when there’s a problem easily and attend to it immediately before it escalates.

Models with Open Lid Detection

How would you like to get an alert that your lid is open, yes they are models that will recognize this as soon as there’s a temperature change. If you want to be having an alert like this then look out for these models with this feature to buy. This will help you get to close down your lid before any disaster occurs.

The Installing Process

Some temperature controllers for big green eggs are challenging to personally install and might need professional input while others come with adapters that you can easily install on your own. So you need to find out before buying if you need to do the installation yourself. But if you have the expertise you can go for whichever you deem fit.

Go for Versatility

If you have multiple types of grills then they might be using different fuels. So since the fuel source will be different, this means that not all the types of adapters will work with the grills. In this case, you would have to go with a controller with versatile properties that can use both wood and charcoal material. The bottom line is that you need to get a controller that has superior versatility.

Check for Display Feature

If you would always need a visual representation of your device via graphs then you would need to go for a temperature with a display feature. With a display feature, you can multitask easily without worrying about your meat getting burnt or overly dry.

FAQ on the Best Bbq Temperature Controller

Below are the frequently asked questions on the best temperature controller for big eggs in 2021. We have researched them and given the accurate and appropriate answers below.

How Do You Keep The Temperature Up On A Big Green Egg?

The issue of low temperature on a big green egg most times stems from the grates and ash-filled holes of the previous smoking. So you can do the below things to always keep the temperature up on your big green egg

  • To maximize the airflow of your big green egg, always keep it clean. Clean it at least 2-3 days after each use
  • Try to be leaving your BGE lid open for about 10-15 minutes to improve airflow
  • When cooking at a high temperature get the daisy wheel off
  • Always be sure to completely shut the draft door as the major temperature control
  • You need to align your firebox with the draft door to ensure maximum airflow

What Temperature Should A Big Green Egg Be?

The perfect range for your big green egg that will offer you slow and low cooking that will tenderize your barbecue which is between 220 and 275 degrees

How To Control Temperature On Big Green Egg

One advantage you take by using the big green egg is being able to control and manage temperature accurately. If you want your big egg hotter or colder is the dual action of the draft door and the combined function of the metal top.

So with the draft door, the dual-function metal top on the ceramic lid, and the draft door in the ceramic base, you can easily ascertain the temperature range in the big green egg. You use them to fine-tune the temperature to whatever you want.

How to lower temp on big green egg?

If you want to lower the temperature on BGE, you just need to reduce the airflow into the big egg by closing the dual function vents, the metal top, or by simply closing the draft door

How To Select The Perfect Controller For My Big Egg

To choose a perfect temperature controller, you need to first assess its compatibility. When it isn’t compatible with your smoker, it becomes totally useless because it will never fit. Then you check its primary features like the versatility, its temperature, user-friendly level, and even the price. You would be getting a great device for your grill using the above checklist.

Final Word

If you love steaks, pizza or dried meats then going for the Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg will be your sure bet. With a temperature controller, you can get busy with other things while barbecuing because you don’t need to stand by your grill the whole time.

It can be boring manning or babysitting the grill so you just need to get a big green egg temperature controller to control all things wherever you are.

But then, it can be a little cumbersome to even pick the best of them out of all the numerous brands out there, but our review here will give you an insight into each of the best temperature controllers we have listed here.

Even the buying guide will help you pick the best that would give you ultimate satisfaction. Our array of selections are those that will help you multi-task even as you prepare your tasty barbecue.

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