Matfer Bourgeat Vs De Buyer

Matfer Bourgeat Vs De Buyer: Head To Head Compression

If you’re planning to invest in a new piece of cookware, then you’re probably faced with two choices: De Buyer vs Matfer Bourgeat. 

Both have their own sets of qualities and benefits. If you search through any high-end restaurant or kitchen supply store, you’ll find plenty of these pans on display.

In the end, it comes down to three questions: What is the best brand? What brand will produce better results? What brand is affordable?

While one might be better suited to your cooking style than the other, the final decision comes down to your needs and preferences.

To help you decide which is right for you, here’s an in-depth comparison of two of the most popular brands out there.

Matfer Bourgeat Pan

A Matfer Bourgeat pan is metal cookware used for baking, frying, and serving. It is currently manufactured by Matfer, an established French company. It is available in various materials, including plastic, glass, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Benefits Of Matfer Bourgeat Pans

1.     Durable

These pans have a hard-anodized nonstick coating, making them extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Also, these features make them ideal for home and commercial kitchens alike. No matter how many times you use these pans, they’ll last you a long time.

2.     Easy to Clean

It features a nonstick coating that is scratch-resistant and dishwasher-friendly. All you need is a quick swipe of water and some mild soap. Plus, the surfaces won’t absorb flavors, so your food will always taste fresh out of your new pans.

3. Provide Even Heat Distribution

Because of their unique design, these pans are made from aluminum and have a thermal core wrapped with stainless steel for even heat distribution. It keeps your food tasting delicious and not burned.

Matfer Bourgeat Pan

4.     Stovetop-to-Oven Safe

Matfer Bourgeat pans can resist high temperatures and won’t rust or dent easily due to their durable, sturdy stainless-steel construction. In addition, they have a thermal-shock resistance of up to 500°F.

5.     Firm Grip Handle

Firm Grip provides stability so you can move pans from your oven to the prep area with ease. In addition, the material is incredibly non-slip, so you can hold onto it for long periods without causing any irritation or discomfort.

Disadvantages Of Matfer Bourgeat Pans

1.     Expensive

The pans are priced higher than most other cookware brands because of their superior quality.

2.     Too Heavy

Though many cooks enjoy handling their skillet with ease, others complain that it is too heavy for comfort.

De Buyer Pan

It’s a frying pan made from a heavy gauge aluminum base with an encapsulated bottom to ensure efficient heat transfer from burner to cookware.

It’s also got large sidewalls and handles for comfortable handling. A cast iron griddle plate sits on top of these features and can be used in combination with them to achieve great results.

Benefits Of De Buyer Pan

1.     Nonstick Interior Which is PFOA free

De Buyer pans use a nonstick interior which means you won’t have to worry about your food sticking and burning on. In addition, the material used is 100% safe, with no teflon, silicone, or other harmful chemicals that can leak into your food.

2.     High Quality and Durable

These pans are heavier than other nonstick cookware, which gives them a sturdier feel. They are also made out of hard-anodized aluminum with reinforced steel so that they won’t be damaged by wear and tear.

De Buyer Pan

3.     Easy to Clean and Maintain

De Buyer pans are scratch-resistant, thanks to their hard-anodized exterior. As a result, this makes it much easier to clean them than other nonstick pans, which are often made of soft or porous material easily scratched by hard objects.

4.     Non-reactive and Rust Resistant

Unlike standard cookware pans, which can leach harmful chemicals into your food (and alter its flavor), De Buyer pans are made from stainless steel, free of common contaminants and impurities. As a result, the food cooked is more evenly and tastes better.

5.     Available in Multiple Sizes

While there are other great cookware brands, De Buyer pans offer a unique value with their versatility. As a consumer, you can choose between many different sizes, ensuring that your kitchen is stocked with exactly what you need.

Disadvantages Of De Buyer Pan

There are not much we can say about the disadvantages of using De Buyer. However, the epoxy coating is a section where they can improve. Epoxy coating on the handle can melt and burn at higher temperatures, so it is important to be careful when using them in a conventional oven.

Comparing De Buyer Vs. Matfer Bourgeat

De Buyer vs Matfer Bourgeat are two types of French cookware. Both brands are made from high-quality materials and last a lifetime.

When deciding between the two, a few minor differences set them apart.

For example, De Buyer pans use riveted handles that can’t be pulled off by accident and provide strong support to the pans when lifted off the heat. Matfer Bourgeat pans, on the other hand, uses welded handles, which look nice and are easy to clean.

Nevertheless, both pans are a great cookware addition to your kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can I use both pans on the glass stovetop?

Yes, you can. Most users of these pans report success using both brands on a glass stovetop. However, it is worth noting that neither can be used directly over an open flame. The metal in both pans will get too hot, charring, or melting.

2.     How do I know what thickness I need?

The thickness of your cookware will depend on how quickly you cook, what types of foods you like to prepare, and your desired results. For instance, a thick pan will generally maintain heat better, while a thinner one is easier to handle when moving around your kitchen.

3.     How should I clean my pans after using them?

We recommend rinsing both sides of your pan with warm water, then washing it with soap or a degreaser for thorough cleaning. After washing, be sure to scrub both sides of your pan to remove any leftover food particles.

To protect against rusting, make sure you dry your pan after washing it. 

Final Words

Whether you are a skilled cook or just a beginner, using quality kitchen utensils makes cooking more enjoyable and safer. Both Matfer Bourgeat vs De Buyer offers high-quality products that are perfect for use in any home kitchen.

And if you are looking for a truly nonstick pan for everything from searing to braising to frying, they are your best bet.

While both are excellent cookware pieces, choosing a professional kitchen pan depends on many factors. You will have to consider how often you cook, your cooking style, and so much more. On the other hand, you might find that you enjoy using either one or both of these pans. However, remember the pan you choose should be a matter of personal preference.

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