Best Gasket for Big Green Egg

Best Gasket for Big Green Egg Top 7 Recommended for 2022

If you love to bake or smoke your meat, fish or whatever food then having a Big Green Egg is a must. Why not? When it can smoke, grill, and bake all that you enjoy as food. The truth is that the BGE is a reliable grill that makes everything seamless.

So if you want to continue having your spicy, tasty and tenderized barbecue then you just need to keep its accessories and components in perfect working condition.

One of the components you need to look out for to maintain is your gasket. The gasket helps in letting you close the big egg lid in a lot softer manner. You would also be able to grill at the right temperature that will leave your big green eye having heat inside for a longer period. 

If your gasket is faulty, air will get into your BGE, which means you would be having a prolonged cooling process, and of course, you would need to burn more coal to warm up the introduced air into your BGE. All these issues will be eliminated if you go for the Best Gasket for Big Green Egg as a replacement.

Your big green egg is majorly affected by the charcoal or food used which makes the gasket around the lid become discolored or too greasy. So you need to replace them to avoid ruining your BGE and also keep it in tiptop condition. So if you are looking to have a good replacement for your big green egg gasket, then you are getting a well – researched information here. 

All the products listed below have been keenly selected and you’re getting the accurate and right information.

Top 7 Best Gasket for Big Green Egg

1. Nomex High Temp Replacement Complete Gasket

Nomex High-Temp Replacement Complete Gasket Kit for Lg XL Big Green Egg Ceramic Lid Top
  • ♨️ HIGH TEMP - All New Complete Kit for Big Green Egg, Med, Large, XL, XXL
  • ♨️ EASY INSTALLATION - Grey Color Self Adhesive (pressure sensative high temp adhesive, close lid to cure)
  • ♨️ UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE - Performance Gasket Kit with a proprietary blend of materials and the highest temp self adhesive available
  • ♨️ SHIPS QUICK - Trusted Seller (ONE 15 foot long roll makes 3 peice kit as shown for both lids, and top vent)
  • ♨️ 100% MADE in USA - Trusted by Major Manufacturers. Our best gasket for Big Green Egg Model # GL

When it comes to top brand for big green, the LavaLock brand has always been user’s delight, because of the best big green egg gasket they offer. The brand kit is quite affordable and always a fit size for almost all the BGE. It also comes with enough material so that you get your big green egg perfectly covered.

The good thing about this brand of big green egg is the length; some brands come with a short length, not this one. Nomex High Temp Replacement Complete Gasket gives you value for your money as the length is long enough to cover all the three areas that you want to be covered.

A lot of users love this brand of gasket because it has high-temperature tolerance. This is because this gasket is made of fibers from Nomex that are known for heavy-duty flame resistance. You would be getting access to the high output of grilling efficiency and with less charcoal usage.

It also comes with high-quality self-adhesives that will aid for easy installation and you would get a heat lock as well as a durable quality. Again, if you are on a budget then this is for you. It is pocket-friendly but gives the best reward for your money.

Highlighted features

  • Nomex fiber material offers high-temperature resistance.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Fit all sizes of big green egg.
  • Its length is long enough to cover all areas.
  • There’s no issue of smoke leakage.

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2. KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit Fit Kamado Joe Classic High Temp Fiberglass Gasket

KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit Fit Kamado Grill Classic High Temp Fiberglass Gasket Replacement for Louisiana Grills BBQ Smoker Gasket Self Stick Felt 150 in Long
  • PERFECT KAMADO GRILL CLASSIC ACCESSORIES - 150in Long,1-1/4in Wide.Great for Kamado Grill Classic or other kamado grills.The 150 in Kamado Grill Classic gasket replacement is long enough to fit the base and top lid.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE MATERIALS - Wire mesh fiberglass replacement gasket,high temperature material will not burn or melt.It is a ideal replacement for a worn,leaks or fried gasket on your BBQ smoker.This material also has the characteristics of wear resistance, mildew resistance, discoloration,strong heat insulation and so on.much better than factory BGE wool.
  • NO MORE SMOKE ESCAPING - Nice tight seal without smoke leakage,keeps more smoke in your grill and gives you better temp control.You won't tear through the charcoal like you do with a worn gasket.
  • INTERNAL HOLLOW STEEL WIRE MESH - The design of shockproof protection,when the grill cover is closed, the wire mesh fiberglass gasket can provide better shockproof protection,much than ordinary gasket.Premium wire mesh,heavy weight for extended life.
  • EASY To APPIY - Our smoker gaskets has self-adhesive backing,self stick and sticks great on the grill surface.High-temp peel & stick adhesive backing without messy spray adhesives,very easy to install.The width of the special design for the size of Kamado Grill Classic,no extra cuts is needed.

The KAMaster is another top brand when it comes to the best gasket for big green eggA lot of grillers are familiar with the brand because of its durability. So if you are all about heavy-unit shockproof units then going for this fiberglass gasket should be your sure bet.

Installing this gasket is very easy, you just have to peel, then stick the self-adhesive film that is linked with the gasket to the rims and you are done. This gasket can fit perfectly both the large and extra-large big green egg.

You would be having proper sealing with this gasket when you close your upper dome because its fiberglass material comes with thermal insulation that is strong enough for that. The product is durable and robust, its wire mesh is constructed into it.

You can’t go wrong with KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit Fit Kamado Joe Classic High Temp Fiberglass Gasket as it offers perfect temperature regulation and an anti-scratching quality. So you can rest assured that you would be getting the best seal for your BGE.

But the snag here is that this gasket doesn’t come cheap but then, you should be willing to spend money on a premium product, if you plan for it.

You don’t need to spend money replacing your gasket at all times if you go for this. You’ll also avoid frequent wearing, melting, or burns of your big green egg.

Highlighted features

  • Built-in adhesive backing to prevent any mess during installation.
  • Integration of high-end wire mesh mostly for durability and heavyweight.
  • High-temp gasket to resist either burn or melt.
  • Good gasket replacement for any factory-made gaskets.
  • Peel and sticks function which makes installation very simple.

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3. Gold Standard High Heat Gasket

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket with Adhesive for Large Big Green Egg with Kevlar and Nomex - 2yr Warranty
  • 2 Year Free Replacement Warranty & Made in USA
  • Exclusive Golden Kevlar + Nomex High-Temp Material with Peel and Stick Application
  • Material for Top and Bottom PLUS Bonus Chimney Seal
  • 12ft Long, 7/8" Wide, 1/8" Thick (3.6m x 22mm x 3.5mm) plus Chimney Seal
  • Telephone support, videos, and full color instructions for gasket installation and grill adjustment

If you are looking for a brand of gasket that would resist high heat, then the Gold standard high heat gasket might just be it for you. This best seal for big green egg comes with a chimney gasket which would protect your BGE more.

The top and the bottom rims also go a long way to give you a befitting sealing that you don’t have to pay an extra amount to get. The Gold standard high heat gasket is outstanding amongst other brands of gasket because of its high-temperature fiber materials.

This gasket has both the Nomex and American Kevlar that aid to resist not only the melts of flares but even the burns that are caused by it too.

Firefighters use this same fiber material to protect themselves in cases of severe heat or flame. So you can imagine the heat you would be getting from your big green egg when you use this as your sealing.

Another feature you will fancy as you use this gasket is the ease of installation, you just need to peel and stick the adhesive layer. So a new user will find it very easy to use.

Gold standard high heat gasket is highly recommended as the high temp materials offer high efficiency to your smoker and grill. You can’t mistake using it as it comes with well-written and clear instructions you can easily follow. 

Again, the customer service for this product is top-notch. If you need any advice or suggestions for a defective product, you would be promptly attended to without any delay.

Highlighted features

  • Blend of Kevlar and Nomex fibers to aid heat resilience.
  • Comes with a chimney casket.
  • It can be used for a large size big green egg.
  • All-round value for your big green egg.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

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4. TOTAL CONTROL BBQ Black Replacement For Big Green Egg Gasket

TOTAL CONTROL BBQ Black Replacement for Big Green Egg Gasket LG XL High Heat Self Stick
  • Total Control BBQ flame proof gasket for Big Green Egg
  • 1" x 1/8" (15 feet long) High Heat
  • Balance - Efficiency - Contol (TM)
  • The highest temp gasket that we sell.
  • Fits & Compatible with All Big Green Egg & All Primo Grills lg and xl

The TOTAL CONTROL BBQ is the best replacement gasket for big green egg you can buy; apart from it being a budget-friendly gasket it is versatile too. You can use this for various large and extra-large cookers.

It has a good length that can cover all the areas of your grill and the great thing is that installing it can be done in a breeze. You can’t compare this brand of the gasket with other OEM gaskets as they are a world apart

With TOTAL CONTROL BBQ, you are having the best kind of grilling control and it doesn’t matter whether you are a new user or not. So with this one, you are saying a bye-bye to old charred or fast-wearing gaskets.

The exceptional thing about this gasket is its ability to withstand high-temperature heat. So if you have a BGE in your backyard with a worn-out gasket, then it is just about time to have this gasket that is a favorite to most grillers.

This gasket comes with a long-lasting material as such you wouldn’t have to make a yearly replacement. Its length is long enough, so you would get your cook rims, bottom and top well covered.

You would no longer be worrying about any horrible brisket taste or leaking smoke from your BGE. Get one of these and enjoy a hassle-free set-up as you just have to do a simple self-stick to get it working.

Highlighted features

  • Self-adhesive to perfectly fits after an installation.
  • Compatible with large and extra –large big green eggs and also primo grills.
  • Comes with flameproof material that resists melting at very high heat.
  • Has a length that is long enough to cover the dome rims.
  • Easy to set up as it comes with easy-to-read instructions.

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5. Big Green Egg Large Nomex Gasket

This is big green egg gasket is a standard made gasket and can be described as a high-performance grill gasket that is made from high-temperature fiber like NOMEX. The peel and stick adhesive that comes with this gasket offer easy installation and enhance its ability to stick to the surface even at a high temperature.

You can’t go wrong buying this product as it is made of high heat, heavy-duty Nomex material.

When you are looking at cooking at maximum efficiency then going for big green egg large Nomex Gasket is the right pick. The length of this gasket is just what you would need, as it would be long enough for the bottom and top rim of your egg.

Another good thing is that getting your gasket glue back if it loosens up is very simple, you don’t need extra money to fix that, just get an adhesive or Elmer’s glue and you are putting them together. To enhance and prolong your gasket you should keep it away from sauce drippings and food.

Highlighted features

  • It is a high heat replacement gasket.
  • Ample material for both the top and bottom rim of the big green egg.
  • It can be glued with household adhesive if loosen.
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • The material used provides heat efficiency.

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6. FireBlack 125 Black Nomex Self Stick Replacement Big green egg gasket

FireBlack 125 Black Nomex Self Stick Replacement for Big Green Egg Gasket High Temp w/LavaLock LG XL
  • WONT MELT - FireBlack125 Nomex, 800F flame fire proof up to 2,300F
  • 15 FEET LONG- 180" x 7/8" x 1/8" (15 feet long) - Plenty for most smoker door projects
  • SELF STICK - LavaLock gaskets feature Ultra-Temp self stick backing
  • Won't burn or melt. Black bbq gaskets are the best looking and only flame proof BGE gasket.
  • MADE IN USA. Expert USA product support and Made in The United States.

This is a  Fiberglass gasket for big green egg made in the US, It is a LavaLock brand that has high-temperature self-adhesives. You can use this gasket with BBQ pits like kamado, big green egg lids, Oklahoma joes, Weber Smokey Mountain, offset smokers, and kettle.

The only thing you need to get right is just to choose the accurate size for your BGE. The quality of material used for this gasket is of a high standard as it offers safety and effectiveness when used.

Another outstanding thing about this gasket is its versatile compatibility; this is what makes it one of the favorite products that grillers want. The high heat-bearing material in use makes it an excellent gasket for the BGE interior.

You would love it as you wouldn’t be having the issue of smoke seeing out of the edges. So it will be about getting an excellent brisket for your cooker and at the same time, you would have a seal that is keeping the smoke well trapped for whatever you are cooking.

Highlighted features

  • High-temperature gaster made for excellent resilience.
  • It’s a self-stick pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Comes with a long-lasting Nomex material.
  • It is suitable for various sizes of big green egg.
  • Won’t melt as it is a FireBlack 125 Normex 800F flame fireproof.

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7. QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket

QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket Big Green Egg Accessories Replacement High Heat Felt BBQ Smoker Gasket Adhesive Pre-Shrunk Self Stick Felt 14ft Long Large/XLarge Big Green Egg
  • PERFECT BIG GREEN EGG ACCESSORIES - 14-1/2ft Long, 0.88" Wide, 0.14" Thick,perfect fit Large and XLarge Big Green Egg.Fits all Big Green Egg & all primo grills.Like Medium/Small/Mini Big Green Egg;XLarge Large primo and kamado grill,Can be used after cropping.Enough gasket to fit the base and top lid.Please confirm the grill size before purchase.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE MATERIALS - Superior high-temperature fibers materials,Won't burn or melt,High-temp peel & stick adhesive backing without messy spray adhesives,much better than factory BGE wool. It is a ideal replacement for a worn, leaks or fried gasket on your BBQ smoker.
  • NICE AND TIGHT SEALS - Keeping the heat and smoke inside.No more leaking smoke,improved temperature control,which helps save on charcoal.You won't tear through the charcoal like you do with a worn gasket.
  • EASY TO APPIY - Very easy to peel,self stick and sticks great on the grill surface.High-temp peel & stick adhesive backing without messy spray adhesives.The width of a special design for each size BGE,no extra cuts are needed.It is a ideal replacement for a worn, leaks or fried gasket on your BBQ smoker.
  • INSTALLATION TIPS - ❶Clean and Dry.Make sure the surface is completely clean and dry before peeling off the backing and stick it to the grill.❷Be Gentle. During the paste process,you can peel and stick a few inches at a time , and do not pull and stretch it.❸To improve longevity.Allow gasket to cure for 12 hours in a dry location with the lid closed and keep gasket clean of grease and oils.

This list for High temp gasket for bge would be incomplete without including this well-known gasket loved by grillers. There are a lot of reasons why it is among the best gaskets as it comes in superior high temp fibers materials, so it won’t melt or burn.

It has a high-temperature peel and sticks adhesive backing so you have no business with messy spray adhesives. It is highly recommended as it can’t be compared to the factory-made big green egg wool. So you should be rest assured that with this you would be having a perfect replacement for fried, worn, or leaked gasket on any BBQ smoker.

If you were after getting a seal that will be nice and tight, then going for QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket will give you value for your money, it will aid you to maintain heat and smoke inside.

You wouldn’t be worried about leaking smoke as it offers enhanced temperature control and you would save big on charcoal. You won’t have to tear through the char as with other worn gaskets.

QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket can be easy to use even to new users. It is self-stick and very easy to peel. It sticks easily to the surface of the grill and has stick adhesive backing which hinders any messy spray adhesives. It is excellent for all big green eggs and all sizes of primo grills.

Highlighted features

  • It comes in a high temp material to retain heat.
  • It is a perfect big green egg gasket with the right length.
  • You would enjoy a tight and nice seal.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • Ideal replacement for a worn-out BBQ smoker.

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Comparison Chart for Big Green Egg Gaskets




BGE Compatibility


Nomex High Temp Replacement

15 foot

Mid, Large, XL, XXL


KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket


1 x 1/4



Gold Standard High Heat Gasket


7/8 x 1/8



TOTAL CONTROL BBQ Black Replacement 


1" x 1/8"


Big Green Egg Large Nomex Gasket



small mini, large, xl, xxl


FireBlack Replacement Big green egg gasket


 1/2 x 1/8, 1 x 1/4, 1 x 1/8, 3/4 x 1/8 etc

small mini, large, xl, xxl


QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket


0.88 in wide,0.14 in thick



Best Gasket for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

Just like anything you want to get the best in the market. And for that to happen you need a guide. Here is a comprehensive one to find the best big green egg gasket replacement.

Check the Gasket’s Material

This is one aspect you shouldn’t joke with when shopping for a gasket replacement. You should go mostly for high-quality materials, manufacturers have now upgraded the materials they used for modern gaskets, it is no longer the traditional wool.

You would need materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, or Nomex. These materials, when used on gaskets, give a whole lot of benefits from durability to locking smoke without leakage down to permitting heat tolerance and aid in resisting high-temperature heat.

So the bottom-line here is that you should be sure you check the material used for your gasket and go for those with high-quality material.

Check the Adhesive Quality

If you want to have a straightforward application of your gasket, then you should go for one that the adhesive is of high quality. This is because the better the glue, the better you would have a gasket that sticks better to your grill.

With this, you would enjoy durability too, because it will stay stuck to your smoker for a long time. Another benefit you would enjoy from having a high-quality adhesive is not melting or getting burnt with high temperatures.

So if you don’t want your gasket to get off your grill as soon as you apply it, then go for only the best gasket for the big green egg.

The Size of your Gasket

Another determinant factor of a good gasket is its size. You would need to buy a gasket that fits or else you might just ruin your BGE with a shorter one. So you need to take into consideration the size of your big green egg and go only for the size that will cover it from top to bottom.

The top gasket’s brands mentioned in this review all have great sizes that can cover the three covers of your BGE so you can go for any of them

The Durability of the Gasket

You need to check that the gasket you are buying will last for you; you don’t need to frequently buy a gasket all the time. To do this, you should read some users’ reviews to get firsthand information about the gasket you are buying.

Remember you need a gasket that will help keep your grill leakage-free which will bring maximum smoke inside your grill, so go only for one that will provide only that and does it for a long time. Also, you can ask around from friends and neighbors who have used them for suggestions.

Check the Compatibility State

Some gaskets are compatible with varieties of grills, some are not. So you need to check the gasket you are buying to be sure it will be great for your BGE. If you go with our selection list, you wouldn’t have much of a problem when it comes to compatibility because almost all of them are compatible with various grills and they offer great efficiency.

The Price of the Gasket

Sometimes the price of a thing can give you the idea of how durable and long-lasting the thing will be. But if you are a money-saving geek, it’s still not a problem because there are also low-priced gaskets with good features but you shouldn’t expect the same durability with others with a higher price range.

Does Your Big Green Egg Gasket Need To Be Replaced?

Nothing lasts forever no matter how strong it was from the start, so the same is applicable with gasket. Though buying a quality one will serve you better and for a long time but it won’t last forever.

So you would still need to be checking to be sure that your BGE is working as it should but if not you would need to replace it. So how do you know if your gasket needs to be replaced?

  • To ascertain you need to check it physically to ascertain if it has deteriorated either via wear and wear and any deformation.
  • Secondly, if you need a better way of easily detecting if you need to replace your gasket, you need to fire your gasket up for a cook. Then you check if the smoke is leaving through the daisy wheel or top vent. But if the smoke is leaking via the bottom and top dome then it shows your gasket has gotten bad and needs a replacement.

How To Replace The Big Green Egg Gasket

It is one thing to buy a good gasket, but another thing is to know how to replace it properly. You can ruin your newly acquired gasket in a minute if you are setting it up or applying it wrongly. If you need the simpler way to remove the old one and install the new best gasket for green egg then, you are getting it right below. Just follow the below points systematically to have it done:

  • First thing is to get the right fit gasket for your BGE, So only buy one that is a perfect match for your grill.
  • Start by removing the old gasket, make sure the grill is cool when starting the process. Never try changing a gasket immediately after you finish using your grill. Now remove the upper dome, then use the scraping tool to get rid of the old one. Take your time to get it off your grill
  • You might still have some leftover of your old gasket on the surface of the big green egg, you can use a wire brush and a brush to scrape it off. If it isn’t working with those two then use isopropyl alcohol.

    Please avoid the use of a check adhesive remover or a homemade one to prevent ruining your surface. So try to get out the old adhesive remaining on the surface to enable your new gasket to sit properly when installed.
  • After that, you should allow the surface to dry for about 30 minutes. This is to enable fast sticking of the new glue when you apply it.  When you are sure the surface is dry, pick up your new gasket and peel a little of the paper layer from the end. Be sure not to touch the glue side of the gasket. Avoid peeling all the paper off your gasket at once to prevent uneven application.
  • Then start from the back to attach your gasket to your grill, then apply pressure as you are doing so to ensure it sticks firmly to the surface. Be a little cautious here and have the entire area covered.
    Again, try and make sure you do not have your gasket hanging over the inside part, if you can, you can trim the unnecessary parts of your gasket
  • You can do this too with the dome and you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does Big Green Egg gasket Last?

The gasket is a serviceable item that under normal use, you should expect to change every 3 or 4 years. If you leave the dome open more than necessary, the flares might cause burns to the gasket. This could shorten the lifespan exceedingly. 

How much Heat can a Gasket Withstand?

Heat-resistant gaskets have a maximum temperature of 625 F. The minimum temperature should be around 500 F, and no less. Any temperature below this will fail to provide the heat resistance you seek.

At what point will the Gasket Melt?

Whatever kind of material the gasket is made out of will melt above 1100°F, so keep an eye on high-temperature baking and cooking. In addition to, regular cooking at a high temperature can result in burnt and blackened parts.

Final Verdict

The truth is that making use of a damaged gasket will reduce the efficiency of your big green egg in diverse ways; this is why it is of utmost importance to go only for the best gasket for a big green egg to avoid money wastage.

When you have an inefficient gasket it will not be able to capture the smoke you want and more charcoal will be needed for high temperatures. You would be faced with a burnt or melted gasket as it isn’t working appropriately.  

The benefits you would derive from using the gaskets listed above are enormous. You would be using gaskets that are of high-quality material, gaskets that come with proper sealing, gaskets that are long-lasting, compatible with different brands, and of course very easy to set up and apply.

If you are a great fan of BBQ, you know it is of essence to get the best replacement for your big green egg gasket.

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