How to Use Presto Pressure Cooker

How to Use Presto Pressure Cooker

Presto pressure cooker has taken the pressure cooking world by storm. It comes with a pressure regulator that regulates the pressure for appropriate cooking. In addition, Presto’s Pressure Cooker is dishwasher safe, making it effortless to clean and maintain.

The lid securely closes, allowing for even heat distribution and a more flavorful meal. In addition, it is portable, and you can quickly move with it if you have to.

It reserves flavors and nutrients, softens leaner cuts of meat, and, best of all, cooks foods 3 to 10 times faster than standard methods.

It’s even possible to simultaneously cook multiple foods with a Presto pressure cooker without merging the flavors. As a result, this kitchen appliance is more efficient in time, money, and energy savings.

Presto pressure cooker lets you cook classic recipes with greater authenticity for maximum satisfaction. But, first, let’s learn how to use presto pressure cooker.

How to Use a Presto Pressure Cooker

Step 1: Set up your presto pressure cooker, and if your recipe is from a cookbook, look over the recipe for the food you want to make. Add the quantity of water you require as per your recipe.

Step 2: Add the food inside the pressure cooker. Cover the pot tightly and make sure that the opening on top of the lid is fully open.

Step 3: Cover the small opening on the lid using the control valve until it starts to shake slowly. Ensure that you regulate the heat so that the valve moves gradually and steadily.

The cooking process now begins.

Step 4: First, continue cooking, ensuring that you carefully keep to the time specified in the recipe. The next stage will vary depending on the recipe.

Step 5: Suppose your recipe says to ‘allow the pressure to drop,’ set your Presto pressure cooker aside. When your recipe instructs you to “cool cooker simultaneously,” then you’ll need to cool your Presto pressure cooker by dipping it in a water bath.

Step 6: When the relief valve drops, you’ll know the pressure has fallen or is gone completely. Once this occurs, remove the vent covering the small hole on the lid, uncover the pressure cooking, pot, and serve the meal.

Now that you know how to use a presto pressure cooker, consider some benefits.

Benefits of Using a Presto Pressure Cooker

There are several advantages of using a presto pressure cooker. Let’s highlight some of them.

1. Your foods Preserve the majority of their nutrient content and taste better.

Eating foods consider some benefits now you prepare using a presto pressure cooker provides a more significant nutritional boost than foods you cook for extended periods in traditional cookware.

Your food cooks faster and uses less liquid when using a pressure cooker to prepare it. 

Boiling removes liquid during the cooking process, leaving the food rich in nutrients. In addition, since you use less time to cook your food, it is less likely to lose flavor and color.  You also get to preserve minerals and vitamins that evaporate or dilute when you cook in large amounts of water for long periods.

2.  Makes Your kitchen more comfortable.

Heat rises through the cooking pan and moves upwards with standard stovetop cookware. The stovetop fan disperses some of this heat, but the heat also accumulates in the kitchen while cooking.

On the other hand, a Presto pressure cooker retains the heat so that none of it escapes to warm up your kitchen. As a result, the kitchen remains cool and comfortable to work in.

3. Reduces Cooking Time

Perhaps the most remarkable advantage is that you can reduce your cooking time by roughly two-thirds. Pressure cooking is quicker because more heat and energy are trapped inside, while energy escapes in regular pots.

4. Distills Drinking Water

We are all aware that distilled water is free of impurities. A water distiller can remove approximately 95percent of all toxins. It is so effective that you can take mud and filter the water out of it to get pure water.

You can still purify unclean or salty water in a  presto pressure cooker and make it safe for drinking. When using a  pressure cooker to purify salty seawater, apply heat to produce water vapor.  

The water vapor will then escape and distill in a copper pipe before discharge into a container. The salt remains in the pressure cooker, and the water you will collect in the container will be salt-free and perfectly safe to drink.

Tips on Using a Presto Pressure Cooker

1. Go over the instruction manual.

This is the most important step to take before beginning pressure cooking. Each pressure cooker is unique and has its own set of guidelines that you must follow. In addition, there are safety devices on pressure cookers that you should be aware of.

2. Do not open the pressure cooker while it is still cooking.

You should not attempt to open the pressure cooker while in use. If you need to access the cooker while cooking food, turn it off first and let the pressure out before opening it.

3. Be careful not to overfill the pressure cooker.

You should not fill your pressure cooker to the brim. Instead, fill the pressure cooker to the maximum capacity, usually two-thirds of the pot. Overfilling may cause the steam-release valve to block or create too much pressure.

4. Pour in enough liquid.

When using a presto pressure cooker, you must have enough water in the pot to reach the pressure point and thoroughly cook the food. Therefore, unless otherwise specified in the recipe, the rule of adding liquids in pressure cooking is always to add at least 1 cup of water.


You will save time and money when you learn how to use presto pressure cooker. Your food will be nutritious and delicious because you have spent less time cooking it. Your food will also keep its color, making it look appealing to the eye; after all, they say, “you eat with your eyes first.” You can also use your Presto pressure cooker to tenderize meat cuts that would have taken a long time to prepare. The pressure cooker also distills water making it safe for you to drink.

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