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The Best Mandoline Slicer America’s Test Kitchen in 2022

How well you slice your ingredients into pieces of perfect, even thickness can make or break your dish. Professional chefs know better. However, many cooks are yet to master this art, even with the highest-quality chef knife at hand.

Fortunately, the introduction of a mandoline slicer has turned the slicing work from that dreaded, time-consuming task into an easy and fun task. This magical tool lets you slice or julienne your fruits, veggies, and pretty much everything else into perfectly thin slices.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top 10 best mandoline slicer America’s test kitchen approved models that you can order from the market today for wonderful slicing results in your kitchen.


Product Name

Our Rating


Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandoline

5 Out Of 5

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

5 Out Of 5

Benriner Vegetable Slicer

4 Out Of 5

Kyocera Adjustable Vegetable Slicer

4 Out Of 5

KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer

4 Out Of 5

What is a Mandoline Slicer?

A mandoline slicer is a handheld tool used for quickly and perfectly slicing vegetables and fruits into slices of even thickness.

Also known as a vegetable slicer, this tool comes armed with a sharp blade that makes the job of slicing various ingredients easy and quick for you.

The slicer is used by running an ingredient back and forth across its blades to efficiently produce uniform slices. The blades on these units are usually adjustable to enable you to produce slices of your preferred shape and thickness.

Besides, slicing, this handy kitchen device can also julienne or dice your ingredients.

The slicer got its name from the back and forth hand movement you make when using it—which is reminiscent of playing mandolin.

Top 10 Best Mandoline Slicer America’s Test Kitchen

1. Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Set

Our list begins with this V-shaped slicer from Swissmar Borner which is recommended by America’s Test kitchen as one of the fantastic slicers that will help you quickly and safely slice and julienne your ingredients into consistently uniform pieces. It is ideal for use on cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and so on.

This slicer comes armed with reversible blades which offer you two different slicing thicknesses. Moreover, it offers you different blades for French-fry cuts and julienne cuts.

This inexpensive slicer features rugged plastic construction for extended longevity. Its blades are high-grade German stainless steel, are super-sharp, and cut like a charm.

An ambidextrous food safety holder with a serrated edge to help safely push the food slices off the slicer while keeping your hands protected from the sharp blades. The steel pins easily grip food items of varying sizes and shapes to help create uniform cuts every time.

You’ll get a handy caddy with a safety clip that holds all the slicer components to ensure safe storage. This mandolin v-slier is pretty easy to clean; you simply rinse it under cold or hot running water immediately after you use it and it’s as clean as new.


  • multiple slicing blades
  • varying thickness options
  • includes a storage caddy
  • space-saving compact size
  • super-easy blade adjustments


  • Not suitable for cutting firmer produce

2. OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

This V-slicer mandolin for vegetables from OXO is incredibly versatile and will let you slice fruits and veggies with ease. It comes equipped with up to 4 blades and a simple height adjuster to help you effortlessly make crinkle cuts, straight slices, French fries, and julienne strips in varying thicknesses.

Unlike some of the competing models, the blades on this slicer are designed to be safely stored on board and you can easily remove them for easy cleaning.

You’ll like that the mandolin has a textured surface which helps solve the issue of the foods you’re slicing sticking on the slicer.

A food holder is included for this slicer to help you securely hold food and protect your fingers from the sharp blades. The slicer’s handle and thickness selector knob are soft for comfortable use. And the feet are non-slip to keep this mandolin secure on your countertop or work surface.

When not in use, you simply fold the feet of this slicer and lock it for compact, space-saving storage. The mandolin, as well as the food holder, are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. However, you’d want to hand wash the blades to maintain their quality and sharpness.


  • an extensive range of thickness settings
  • 4 different blades to choose from
  • removable blades for easy cleanup
  • stable non-slip feet
  • comfortable and protective food holder
  • folds compactly for easy storage


  • changing the blades is clumsy
  • takes a lot of time to clean

3. Benriner Vegetable Slicer Green (Old Version)

If you’re on the market for the best Japanese mandolin, this Benriner vegetable slicer is for you. Benriner has been making mandolin slicers since the 1940s and remains one of the respected brands in the world of vegetable slicers.

This particular model is the predecessor of their newer models and will produce wide, narrow, or even extra-narrow slices of various fruits and veggies. It is made with a total of 4 handcrafted, interchangeable Japanese stainless steel blades which are super-sharp and allow you to produce your desired slicing.

Benriner mandoline also offers you varying thickness settings—ranging from fine to medium—to enable you to easily make cuts of your desired thickness. The mandoline slices perfectly uniform thickness and you can even trust it to make super-thin potatoes for making homemade chips.

With a non-skid rubber base, this green slicer will remain firm and stable on your worktop and allow for easy slicing of your food items. A comfortable open handle also makes the slice feel comfortable in your hands and you can use it for long hours without feeling tired quickly.

Don’t forget that this inexpensive slicer is designed to protect your fingers from the crazy-sharp blade when using this vegetable slicer.


  • small and easy to store
  • varying thickness blade
  • easy cleanup with hot/cold water
  • suitable for smaller foods
  • super-sharp blades


  • doesn’t work well for firmer vegetables
  • blade is screwed and takes time to take out

4. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

This Kyocera mandoline vegetable slicer is the best kitchen mandolin for cooks on a tight budget. This lightweight 6-piece slicer set will give you multiple, even slices in a matter of seconds and works perfectly for both soft and firm fruits and vegetables.

Ergonomics are great for this slicer and it grants you precise control when cutting on a flat surface or storage vessel. The angled blade’s slightly curved design provides balance and leverage for easy and fast slicing.

Unlike other models that don’t fit over your utensils, this Kyocera unit has corner notches designed to easily secure over different-sized plates, bowls, and containers for a safer slicing experience.

For your own safety, a handguard is included in this model to easily secure the food item you’re working on and protect your fingers.

You get 4 different cut thicknesses for this Kyocera to allow you to cut your ingredients into paper-thin slices or cut vegetables for salads. Setting your desired thickness is as easy as turning the dial on the back of the slicer and you won’t have to handle the scary sharp blades like in other slicer models.

Ultra-sharp ceramic blades set this slicer from other models and translate to up to 10x longer lasting edge than steel blades. Moreover, ceramic blades don’t brown with time or transfer metallic taste to your food, making them a better option.


  • 4 different cutting thicknesses
  • rustproof, acid-free ceramic blade
  • fantastic edge retention
  • reasonably priced


  • handguard is small for users with big hands
  • the construction materials are flimsy

5. KitchenAid – KN310BXOBA Mandoline Slicer

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The best professional mandoline slicer is made of quality materials, is easy to use, and produces slices of varying thickness. And this KitchenAid mandoline slicer does just that.

This kitchen tool takes the slicing game a notch higher by offering you up to 5 different cutting thicknesses, making it suitable for slicing a wide range of fruits and vegetables to perfection.

It is powered by razor-sharp stainless steel razor blades that make the work of slicing paper-thin cucumber slices, julienning carrots, etc., easier and less time-consuming. It also features a stainless steel slicing table with ribbed detailing to make food slide off easily as you continue slicing.

KitchenAid also includes oversized food for this slicer to protect your fingers from getting ripped off while at the same time making slicing food items of various sizes easy.

Storage is easy for this set. The rear legs easily fold inside the body while the extra blade and food pusher easily tuck under the cutting table for compact storage. A protective sheath is included for each blade to facilitate safe storage.


  • 5 different cutting thicknesses
  • dishwasher-safe slicer
  • folds down compactly for easy storage
  • sturdy and durable build quality
  • stays rock-steady on the countertop


  • the pricing is on the higher side
  • poorly written directions

6. Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer

Slicing and julienning for all your recipes becomes easier than ever before with this vegetable mandoline slicer. Proudly made in Germany and featuring an attractive price tag, this tool will slice pretty much everything in your kitchen.

It boasts 5 ultra-sharp German stainless steel blades that are multi-purpose and will enable you to cut any fruit or vegetable the way you want to.

The blades serve multiple purposes whether you want to cut thick pickle chips, thin, wavy potato chips, and everything in between. The blade thickens is easily adjustable with a convenient thumb dial control to let you cut food items to thin/thick slices or coarse shredding.

To protect your hands from the ultra-sharp blades, this slicer comes with a slicer guard with prongs to securely hold your food items and enable you to make clean cuts with easy passes.

Note that this slicer is constructed from thick, heavy-duty ABS plastic material which gives it a sturdy and durable feel. The material is compactly BPA-free to ensure healthy food prep in your kitchen. The slicer cleans easily and the parts are dishwasher safer for even easier cleaning.


  • 5 interchangeable blades
  • extremely sharp blades
  • adjustable cutting thickness
  • high-quality plastic housing
  • dishwasher safe parts
  • collapsible body for easy storage


  • the holder is small and not suitable for big food items
  • thickness dial has no measurement markings
  • prongs not strong enough to hold the food in place

7. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer

Still looking for a Japanese mandoline slicer? If yes, here’s another model from OXO worth considering. This model comes is made with angled Japanese stainless steel, making it one of the sturdiest and most durable vegetable slicers you can find on the market today.

Besides great quality, this versatile slicer includes 4 blade styles and will do everything you expect a mandoline to do including making straight cuts, wavy cuts, waffles, juliennes, and larger French fry cuts. It offers you a whopping 21 thickness settings to choose from (running from 1 to 9mm).

A knob allows you to adjust the perfect thickness in increments of 1/2mm and an indicator window clearly displays the thicknesses in millimeters for more precise cutting.

The Japanese stainless steel blades come angled to help slice even soft foods like potatoes with ease. The straight works best for cutting hard foods while the serrated options work well for softer fruits/veggies.

The textured runway on this slicer helps keep food from sticking to it and ensures easy cleaning. The parallel surfaces help you create even slices without wedging.

As expected, this top-quality mandoline comes with a hand protector that holds food items being sliced snugly for easy slicing and puts your fingers out of harm’s way.


  • stable countertop design
  • a wide range of thickness options
  • works for both hard and soft veggies
  • well-constructed, heavy-duty and durable


  • the pricing is high
  • too thick and long for easy storage
  • cleanup is a hassle for this slicer

8. Progressive International White PL8 Mandoline Slicer

The progressive International PL8 mandoline is a viable option for professional chefs who want to perfect their slicing results. The slicer is multi-functional and will help you easily and quickly slice even the most delicate fruits and vegetables with ultimate precision.

An advanced adjustment knob comes onboard this slicer and will enable you to easily set the thickness—from paper-thin to 7.5mm thick cuts—you want for your ingredients. The extra-wide stainless steel sliding deck allows your ingredient to glide smoothly when secured with a safety handguard.

The design is well-thought-out for this white mandoline slicer. It has a durable feel thanks to its heavy-duty plastic housing and will serve you for an extended period of time.

The cleanup part is hassle-free. And the fact that there are some removable parts allows you to thoroughly clean this slicer. The tool is also dishwasher safe for an even easier cleaning experience.

We also can’t fail to mention the non-skid feet which boots the slicer’s stability and keep it from moving on the counter, no matter how much pressure you’re slicing with. These feet will help you fold this unit into a small mandoline slicer for compact storage.


  • variable slicing thicknesses
  • solid and durable construction
  • includes ripple blade
  • easy to use and clean
  • foldable for compact storage


  • pricey
  • tends to mush delicate foods like ripe tomatoes
  • some users comment that it’s too bulky

9. Dash Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer

Let this Dash Sade mandoline slicer be the Christmas gift to your loved ones who are professional chefs or any cooking enthusiast in your life. There are many reasons to consider this slicer as a perfect gift, including its high functionality and professional cutting results.

One of the reasons we feature this model on our best mandoline slicer review list is that it offers you more than 30 preset slicing options. This means it can cut perfectly even slices with thickness varying from 1 to 8mm. Plus, it will offer you additional options like julienne, dicing, and matchstick cutting.

Its unique design sets it from the traditional mandoline slicers and helps keep your hands from getting near the built-in razor-sharp blades, making it one of the safest vegetable slicers you can get today.

Collapsible design means you can easily transform this slicer into a compact size to easily fit in your standard kitchen drawer for easy storage.

When you order this top-rated mandoline, you’ll get a bunch of extras including a pusher, chute, container, and a cleaning brush—all of which make it more convenient for you to use.


  • 30+ cuts and thickness options
  • foldable for compact storage
  • unique design for maximum user safety
  • suction cups on the feet for slip-free use


  • cleanup might be a challenge
  • the included cleaning brush is cheaply made

10. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

The last product on our vegetable slicer review list is also a highly rated Mandoline slicer that provides you with great functionality evidenced by its 6 interchangeable blades. These come ready to meet all your slicing and grating needs—including ribbon-cutting, grating, spiral cutting, julienning, and making 3mm or 5mm thick slices.

All the blades are stainless steel and ultra-sharp to ensure maximum rust resistance and increased lifespan. Fullstar knows how sharp these blades are, so they have also included a finger guard and FREE protective gloves to keep your fingers safe when using this kitchen gadget.

Using this slicer is easy for you. It comes with a catch tray that holds your cuts as you focus on slicing to ensure you don’t mess around. The tray has a non-slip base which keeps it firmly planted on the countertop, making the slicing work even easier.

In terms of construction, this slicer is made using rugged plastic which is also BPA-free—making it a long-lasting tool that helps you prepare healthy meals for your loved ones.

Despite the great functionality, this slicer is easy to disassemble and comes with a handy blade box to facilitate easy storage. The device is 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and the included specialized cleaning tool makes the cleaning process a breeze for you.


  • 6 interchangeable blades
  • super-sharp, rust-free blades
  • non-slip tray doesn’t move while slicing
  • protective gloves included
  • all parts are dishwasher safer
  • bonus brush cleaner for easy cleanup


  • non-removable finger guard is hard to clean
  • most users don’t like its small size
  • not ideal for slicing tomatoes

How to Choose the Consumer Reports Best Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers aren’t made the same way. There are good slicers and there are bad slicers. When comparing the best mandoline slicer America’s test kitchen recommended models to find the best one that will meet your needs, look out for the following crucial factors.

Type of Mandolin Slicer

One of the things you need to consider when choosing the perfect mandoline slicer for you is what type will work for you. There are three main types you can find on the market today, namely:

  • French mandoline slicer

This is the most traditional mandoline slicer design and involves a straight blade and usually offers you many levels of precise slicing thicknesses to pick from.

However, they’re usually large and bulky and take time to set up. Switching blades can also be a tricky process. They also come at higher price points.

  • Japanese mandoline slicer

Japanese slicers are the opposite of French models in that they’re smaller, lighter, and much easier to use.

There more popular among professional chefs due to their slightly angled blades which allow for better control and accuracy. They also offer you varying cutting thicknesses to choose from, interchangeable blades, and super-sharp blades.

Their compact size makes them easy to store. However, they usually feature unmarked dial which makes it hard to set the exact thickness you need.

  • V-shaped mandoline slicer

You can get a French and Japanese slicer in a V-shape blade. This type of slicer is great because it offers two entry points for veggies, meaning you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure. This makes it a great choice for working on larger and rounder food items.

However, the blades are usually not interchangeable for other shapes, but they’re thickness adjustable.

Also, the V-shape blade might not work well with longer, awkwardly shaped foods like carrots and cucumbers.

As you can easily, the key thing that separates the types of mandolin slicers is the blade type. The blade in each model offers you different capabilities to meet the needs of different users.


As much as mandolins are handy kitchen items, they can also turn out to be dangerous tools that can easily cut your fingers if you’re not careful.

We advise you to look for a model that comes with a handguard in place to keep your hands away from the sharp blades for a safe slicing experience.

Any other safety features are a plus for this slicing tool.


Size is also an important feature in these slicers. Smaller and wider models are favored by cooking enthusiasts because they’re easier to handle and store. A wider blade means you can accommodate more vegetable varieties.

Larger and bulky slicers always prove quite challenging to navigate and this increases the chances of accidents. Storing them is also a headache.


How much are you planning to spend on consumer reports best mandoline slicer? The price range for these slicers starts from as low as $20 and can go as high as several hundred bucks.

The cheaper models are most likely made of flimsy materials and have blades that dull quickly. The higher-end models, like the French slicers, have a more durable build quality and offer more blade capabilities.

If it’s your first time using a mandolin slicer, start with a cheaper model.

But if you’re a professional chef, and you have experience with mandolins, you’d want to get a high-quality model. Just make sure the slicer quality and performance match the pricing.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer Safely ?

If you’re a virgin mandoline slicer user, you might not know the right way to use this tool to slice your ingredients. You might also have heard scary tales of people who have sliced their fingers with this tool when using it.

We have crafted this step-by-step guide to teach you how to use your brand new mandolin food slicer safely and correctly in your kitchen.

Step 1: Place the slicer perpendicular to your body, with the slant facing away from you. This position is crucial for giving you ample control over the device and facilitating your own safety.

Step 2: Set the slicer to your desired thickness. Most models come with adjustable cutting thickness running from paper-thin to thicker cuts. Just twist the knob on the slicer and set the thickness you desire.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer
How to Use a Mandoline Slicer

Step 3: Determine the type of fruit or vegetable you’re cutting. If the food item doesn’t have a flat surface, consider cutting an even surface on it with a chef’s knife to ensure more stability during slicing.

Step 4: Now secure the food item in the handguard or food holder that comes with your new mandoline slicer.

Step 5: With the fruit or vegetable in place, position the holder over the slicer blade and start the slicing process. Be sure to keep even pressure on the food as you move it back and forth your slicer until you have sliced all the pieces you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mandoline Slicers Worth it?

Mandoline slicers are worth it if you usually slice large quantities of your ingredients and want to save time.

They can help you slice larger quantities of food items compared to chef knives. These tools also come in handy if you struggle to produce fruits and vegetable slices of perfectly even thicknesses.

What Mandoline do Professional Chefs Use?

Professional chefs use the best professional mandoline slicer such as the Benriner Japanese mandoline which is capable of restaurant quantities of vegetables with precision slicing and fantastic speed.

Why is the Slicer Called a Mandolin?

This Mandoline slicer was first invented by Doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin in the late 18th century. But Mandoline was named from his ex-girlfriend Mandy, interesting though hah hah.

Do Mandolins Need to be Sharpened?

Mandoline blades need to be sharpened regularly to keep them on top of their game. Remember, the blade is the most important element in this kitchen equipment, and not keeping it sharp will give you a bad slicing experience.

What Types of Cuts is a Mandoline Used for?

The mandoline is a versatile tool that can be used for everything from slicing vegetables to adding delicate wisps of air to pastry dough.

Choosing the right type of mandoline is important not just for cooking but also for safety reasons. In most cases, a flat blade will have less chance of catching on food and separating it from your hand.

Can You Cut Meat with a Mandolin?

A mandolin is essentially made for cutting fruits and vegetables and may not work well for cutting meat. You may still use it to slice raw or cooked meat, but it will not offer you perfect results as a dedicated deli slicer does.

Final Verdict

A good mandolin will make slicing fruits and vegetables into perfect and uniform slices easy for you while helping you save time.

We have just discussed the best mandoline slicer America’s test kitchen approved models that you can order today in the above guide. These slicers come with varying features and capabilities, so finding one that slices according to your needs should be easy.

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