Top 10 Best Helmet Light Mount : Reviews & Guide By Expert

The market is messy, with tons of options to offer. So while you’re looking to buy a product, you must decide wisely. Being an intelligent consumer, you need to know how to verify the extravagant claims of any product.

And to do that checking out some honest and detailed buying guides are inevitable. It can save you both time and effort while helping you make the right decision. We’ve considered all the industry-standard factors while preparing this review guide for the best helmet light mount. These factors include brand reputation, product durability, features, benefits, customer feedback, budget, and warranty.

We always focus on helping customers make the right decision on their own. So this guide not only discusses the top 10 best helmet light mount and emphasizes how you should plan your purchase decision. There are also some buying tips for you to make your task easier.

Our Selected helmet light mount: Comparison

Top 10 Tips for Buying the Best helmet light mount

Here we’ve got some advice to help you make a smart decision while choosing.

  1. Consider buying the product in bulk if it’s necessary, as it’ll reduce the single unit cost
  2. Have a flexible budget and improvise it if needed
  3. Look for the unique selling points as it’ll help your decision-making process
  4. Don’t buy eye candies or products that are on sale
  5. Revise your options and have a comparison chart
  6. Avoid impulsive buying and falling for a product with a fast-sales pitch
  7. Take your time to check the information about every product thoroughly
  8. Read and compare multiple customer reviews to extract an accurate perception of the product and rule out the fake ones
  9. Only buy products backed by warranties
  10. Feel free to ask your manufacturer any question about the product that you don’t understand properly
Bestseller No. 1
NiteRider Commuter Helmet Mount F/Cordless & Mako
  • Helmet strap mount for Lumina or Mako series
  • Country of origin:- China
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Model Number: 6349
Bestseller No. 2
BlackJack Firefighter Helmet Aluminum Flashlight Holder (ACE)
  • Designed to fit round "tatical" lights up to 1" from Pelican, Streamlight, and Surefire. Does NOT fit fire helmet cameras. Designed SPECIFICALLY for larger massed helmets, brimmed helmets such as firefighter helmets.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs 2oz
  • TOUGH: Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • NECESSARY: Designed to keep your light where you put it
  • Patented under the brim, and multipoint contact design signficanlty decreases the likelihood of entanglement
Bestseller No. 3
Stupidbright Stupidbright™ Bicycle Helmet Mount for Cree Powered LED Bike Light. Gemini, Magicshine, Night Provision BX-960
  • ✔ UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works With CREE Powered Bike Lights. SB SERIES, Gemini, Magicshine
  • ✔ NEW GUARANTEED FIT: 2 Foot 9 Inches Long When Fully Extended. A guaranteed fit on any slotted helmet
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable strap allows for proper and secure fitting on any bicycle helmet
  • ✔ STUPIDBRIGHT™ LIFETIME WARRANTY: Never worry again. We offer 100% Money Back or Replacement Guaranteed
  • ✔ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: We offer a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee
Bestseller No. 4
Magicshine Garmin Compatible Mount Base MJ-6259 for 9 Series Bike Lights. Works with Most 9 Series and Bluetooth Bike Lights to be mountable on Garmin Compatible Handlebar, Helmet mounts
  • ★ Magicshine Garmin compatible mount base for 9 series bike lights. Allows your bike lights to be secured into to any Garmin compatible handlebar mount, helmet mount
  • ★ Compatible with all Magicshine 9 series bike lights EXCEPT MJ-908. Compabile with Magicshine MJ-900, 902, 906, 900B, 902B, 906B.
  • ★ Installation of this adapter requires the removal of the original mount. The orange non-slip pad needs to be peeled off, and the original arch metal mount removed before the adapter can be installed.
  • ★ This piece is included in the Magicshine TTA out front mount. Include 2 screws and a hex key
Bestseller No. 5
corki Headlight Helmet Mount Strap for Cygolite ,Headlight Adapter for Cygolite,Bike Light Mount for Cygolite Metro Streak Expilion Series.
  • Center the installation to widen the lighting vision,Provides higher security
  • Compatible with Cygolite Metro Streak Expilion and CECO-USA F750 F1000 bike headlight.
  • Quick installation and disassembly on your bike, Charging and using is easier
  • Integrated design and give your handlebar a cleaner and less cluttered appearance
  • Material:Nylon plastic,8g/pcs
Bestseller No. 6
OLIGHT FB-1 Universal Flashlight Bike Mount for Flashlight (Bike Lighting Mount Accessories)
  • ✅Application: Compatible with bicycle handlebars and flashlights with a diameter range of 10-35 mm; Compatible with all forward and angle-head flashlights
  • ✅Material: Made from high strength temperature and impact resistant polymer, the FB-1 is the perfect piece of equipment for any night time bike rider
  • ✅Compact Size: Low profile height 39 mm to stay out of the way during rides
  • ✅Qiuckly Attach/Release: Install and detach in seconds with the thick silicone gel rings that form to your flashlights
  • ✅Package Included : 1 x Mount 2x Larger Holder Ring 2x Small Holder Ring 1x Head Screwdriver
Bestseller No. 7
Cycle Torch Helmet Mount, Universal, fits All Lights
  • Helmet Strap Mount- Fits all Cycle Torch lights.
  • Also works with GoPro style Mounts.
  • Fits Cycle Torch Shark 550, Shark 500, Shark 300 ,Night Owl, Bolt Combo
  • Screw Not Included.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Cygolite Helmet Mount Kit for Ranger, Expilion, Metro, Streak Series Bike Lights
  • Mount your Cygolite Ranger, Expilion, Metro, Streak bicycle headlights onto your helmet with this helmet mount kit.
  • Adjust the vertical headlight angle on-the-fly.
  • Compatible with Cygolite Ranger, Expilion, Metro, and Streak series bicycle headlights.
  • Includes helmet mount, foam spacer, and fastener straps.
Bestseller No. 9
Magicshine Helmet Mount Bracket with Straps MJ-6260B, Compatible with Garmin Quarter Turn Style Mount Base, Adjustable Helmet Light Mount Allty, Monteer, RN, and MJ-900S Bike Lights
  • Seller Warranty - We offer 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any quality issues.
  • Magicshine MJ-6260B Helmet Mount Compatible with Garmin 1/4 Turn Bike Lights, Action Cameras, etc. Devices
  • Vertical angle adjustable by 60 degrees
  • Built with hard plastic material, very light weight, comes with 2x helmet mounting straps.
  • Compatible with Magicshine Allty series, Monteer series, RAY series, RN series as well as MJ-900S MJ-906S bike lights.
Bestseller No. 10
iGuerburn Helmet Mount with 360 Degree Rotating for NiteRider Lumina, Adjustable NiteRider Bicycle Helmet Strap Belt Holder for NiteRider Lumina Max/Pro/Boot/Micro Series, Swift/Mako Series
  • Compatibility: This helmet mount for niterider have wide compatibility. Compatible with NiteRider Lumina Max/Pro/Boot/Micro Series, Swift/Mako Series.
  • Better Angle for Filming: The angle of the nr lumina helmet mount can be adjusted to any angle, because of the 360 degree rotating ball on strap, and you can get a multi-angle for filming.
  • Adjustable Strap: You can use this bike lights helmet mount for niterider to mount your camera on your helmet, and adjust to suitable place to secure your bike light.
  • Firmly and Steady: This helmet light mount for niterider have padding underneath and more stable to use, and holders your bicycle light firmly for more steady shots.
  • Wide Applicabilty: This adjustable helmet strap mount for niterider fit a vast variety of helmet hole patterns easily. The nightrider lumina helmet mount is lightweight and comfortable to use.

Buying Guide for The Best helmet light mount

You probably want to know how we’ve filtered out these options for you. And how you can filter them further to choose the best of the bests. Check out the decisive variables to find the one you need.

Brand Reputation

The importance of brand reputation or a company’s goodwill is an essential factor. For almost every product category, there’s a pioneer and market leader. As a customer, you’ll perceive a renowned brand to be a distinct one that could be easily relied on. Many studies consider the brand value a significant competitive advantage that sets it apart.

Reputed brands go through continuous improvement in their products to keep up the goodwill and try to provide excellent after-sales service. So from the customer’s point of view, it becomes easier to choose the correct option. But sometimes, it’s competition of brands, and you need other factors to help you decide on your desired product.

Product Durability

Every customer wants to avoid the financial annoyance of a poor-quality product. You won’t want to go through return or repair hassles. So choosing a product with quality testing and all the required certification is wise. It might include an expensive price tag, but that’s alright when you consider the value it adds.

Assessing the product quality without using it is challenging. So what you can check are the required certifications that can speak for its quality. Go through the product’s information and see if it includes the respective certificates regarding meeting good manufacturing standards. The typical product certifications include CE, UL, CSA, ETL, and ISO. See what certifications are relevant to your product category and whether the option contains them.

Product Features

Features are product characteristics that can be utilized to extract the value you want. So you primarily consider the features while buying a product. Similar products come with similar features. You can make a product comparison list to compare every option’s features.

Such a chart will help you to identify if there’s a differential feature that could benefit you. A differential feature, aka unique selling proposition (USP), is a specific product characteristic that sets it apart. It could be the product’s shape, color, flavor, or packaging.

Customer Feedback

A product becomes reliable mainly through positive word-of-mouth publicity. But customer feedback could be manipulated with fake reviews. So you need to check out multiple customer reviews to find honest customer feedback about a product. Also, see how many reviews or ratings the product has received.

A product with more ratings and an overall good rating can be considered gross positive feedback about a product. Also, check out in-depth reviews that cover every detail of the product. Looking at pros can be misleading, so also check out what cons or inconveniences the product might include.


While choosing the helmet light mount, you might have a price in mind that you’re willing to invest. For a set budget, you might have to compromise a few less-important factors to make it fit your budget. But if you don’t have a budget in mind and are willing to buy the best one, then you’ve to decide wisely.

Going for the most expensive option mightn’t be the wisest move. They can offer features you mightn’t need. At the same time, you must be careful about eye candies or impulsive buying of products on sale. A cheap product or one in the sale could have compromised the quality and mightn’t be satisfactory. You can make a price comparison chart and the features to see which suits you the most.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Customers love getting products with a money-back guarantee. But you mightn’t get it with every product category. However, most product categories include a warranty policy. So you must get one that offers a convenient warranty.

A replacement warranty also makes a product more reliable as it shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. Also, check out if a responsive after-sales service team backs the product. A competent team can ensure quick service when you face inconveniences or issues while using a product.

Other Factors

Some more factors influencing your decision include shipping, delivery time, expert opinion, availability, and return policy. Since you may need a product in a specific timeline, these factors can play an important role. So ask the manufacturer about the shipping procedure, delivery time, or return conditions.

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