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What’s the point of buying a product if it doesn’t fit your purpose? We want our investments to be meaningful and beneficial, and that’s why it’s important to do proper research before choosing. Moreover, if you’re looking for the best electronic ruler, you already know it can be daunting.

The core identity of any product is its brand value and longevity. However, for anything big or small, their reliability is affected heavily by the ways you’ll use them. Thus, a product that can be good for someone, may not feel the same to you.

In contrast, it’s very important to know what you need and to guide you better, in this article we’ll talk about all the ins and outs of the best electronic ruler. By the end, we can guarantee you’ll find your perfect match. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Best electronic ruler Reviews

Bestseller No. 2
LEFUYAN Electronic Tape Measure with LCD Display Digital Ruler Type-C Rechargeable Length Measuring Tool for Flat Curved
  • 💦【Multi-function】 This Electronic Tape Measure has up to 10 practical functions, such as straight line measurement, round measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, cylindrical diameter measurement etc.
  • 💦【99m Ultra-long Distance Measurement】 A single 0-99m practical distance measurement, and a maximum of 99 meters (automatic accumulation) ultra-long distance measurement.
  • 💦【Data Record】 Millimeter-level precision measurement data can be automatically accumulated and subtracted, and 10 groups of historical records can be called at any time, which is convenient and practical.
  • 💦【Lightweight & Portable】 15mm in thickness, and 30g in weight, which is convenient for you to carry and measure at any time.
  • 💦【USB Rechargeable】 High-tech Microprocessor, Adopts ultra-low power consumption microprocessor to achieve ultra-long standby and battery life.
Bestseller No. 3
Multifunctional Ruler, 3Type of Set 15/20/25cm 6.3/7.87/10.23 inch PCB Ruler Electronic Engineers Multifunctional Ruler Printed Circuit Board Ruler
  • ✎【Multifunctional Ruler】In addition to measuring millimeter and inch size, it also integrates relevant information for printed circuit board design such as protractor, device, IC lead pitch comparison table, resistance and so on.
  • ✎【Preminum Quality】 R-4 gold-plated Printed Circuit Board Ruler, high-end atmosphere, high hardness, wear resistance.
  • ✎【Professional Precision】 The printed circuit board ruler will give you the requisite accuracy as well as precision for getting the results you deserve, this is a necessary measuring tools for electronic enthusiasts.
  • ✎【Measuring Range】 25cm / 10.23in, 15cm/6.3inch, 2cm/7.81inch.
  • ✎【After-sales Service】Yanmis standard ruler set has been checked out after strict quality inspection. If there is quality problem, please feel free to contact us!
Bestseller No. 4
PCB Ruler, Multifunctional Ruler Electronic Engineers Ruler 10 inch 25cm Printed Circuit Board Ruler
  • ☛ 【Multifunction】 : The multifunction ruler integrates relevant information for the design of printed circuit boards, such as B. Angle encoders, devices, IC pin distance tables and more.
  • ☛ 【Features】 : In addition to measuring the millimeter and inch size, relevant information for the design of circuit boards is integrated, eg B. Protractor, Device, IC Line Slope Comparison Chart, Resistance, etc.
  • ☛ 【Durable】 : R-4 gold-plated circuit board ruler, high-end atmosphere, high hardness, wear resistance.
  • ☛ 【Professional】 : This is a necessary measurement tool for electronic enthusiasts.
  • ☛ 【Range】 : High Gen
Bestseller No. 5
Multifunctional PCB Ruler, 6inch 15CM Multifunctional Printed Circuit Board Ruler Measuring Tool for Electronic Engineers
  • [Engineer Ruler] Multifunctional Ruler integrates relevant information for Printed Circuit Board design such as angle gauges, devices, IC pin spacing tables, and more.
  • [Multifunction] In addition to measuring millimeter and inch size, It also integrates relevant information for Printed Circuit Board design such as protractor, device, IC lead pitch comparison table, resistance and so on.
  • [High Performance] The product has excellent workmanship and can maintain stable performance in harsh environment. R-4 gold-plated Printed Circuit Board Ruler, high-end atmosphere, high hardness, wear resistance.
  • [Ideal Tool] The printed circuit board ruler will give you the requisite accuracy as well as precision. This is a necessary measuring tools for electronic enthusiasts. High accuracy, measuring range: 15cm/6.3inch.
  • [Note] 6inch 15CM Multifunctional Printed Circuit Board Ruler. Please confirm the product model before purchasing. If you have any questions during purchase or use, please feel free to contact us.
SaleBestseller No. 6
DITRON Digital Caliper Fraction/Inch/Millimeter IP54 Waterproof 0-6" /150 mm Calipers Measuring Tool Electronic Ruler Micrometer Large LCD Screen (Inch / MM)
  • High Precision: Measuring Range: 0-6"/150mm, Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm, Accuracy: ±0.001"/0.02mm, Repeatability: ±0.0005"/0.01mm, Measuring system: linear capacitive measuring system, Display: LCD display.
  • Four Measuring Modes: Easily measure inside and outside diameter,thickness, depth and step with two sets of jaws and a probe.
  • Fraction/Inch/Millimeter Conversion: One button Fraction/Inch/Millimeter quickly switch. Zero calibration at any point, Auto-Off, made of solid zinc alloy, durable and portable.
  • Easy to Use: Locking screw to ensure stability, knurled thumb wheel sliding smoothly and use for fine tuning, rolling easily and do not bind. Zero Calibration at any point when measuring, then you can start a new measurement.
  • High ingress protection: High ingress protection from dust, splash, oil (do not use in water). The digital calipers are suitable for home DIY, woodworking, jewelry and other industries, and are widely used in household, industry, automobile and other fields. They are ideal for machinery, engineers, woodworking and DIYers
Bestseller No. 7
TOOLIOM Digital Angle Finder with Dual Electronic Laser 4-side Strong Magnetic Angle Gauge Rechargeable Digital Level Tool with Type-C Charging Port for Woodworking and Building
  • 3 Functions in 1 Unit : Digital electronic level with dual laser can be used as measure angle, check relative angles, and laser level.
  • 360°Measuring Range : Can be measured on all four sides, provide easy use at woodworking, bending conduit, etc. Auto-rotates when upside-down for easy read
  • Dual Lasers : It is great helper for horizontal and symmetrical installation. Widely used in measuring, leveling in woodworking renovations and building furniture.
  • Zero Calibration : Feature No need to add and subtract again on the tilt angle, more convenient for relative angle measurement.
  • Magnet on 4 Sides : Can attach to conduit, pipes, saw blades, vents, ducts, and other ferromagnetic surfaces.
Bestseller No. 8
Digital Caliper, HARDELL 6 Inch Stainless Steel Calipers Measuring Tool with Large LCD Screen, Electronic Vernier Caliper Micrometer with Ruler, Auto-Off Feature, Inch/Millimeter Conversion, Orange
  • 【Selected Stainless Steel Material】:The calipers are made of selected stainless steel, waterproof and stain-resistant, more durable and stronger than traditional plastic digital calipers, with knurled thumb rollers and locking screws to ensure smooth sliding and accurate positioning when measuring.
  • 【Accurate Measurement】:The vernier caliper has a measuring range: 0-6"/0-150mm, accuracy: ±0.001" / 0.03mm; resolution: 0.0005" / 0.01mm, which meets all your measuring needs. The digital micrometer glides smoothly and allows you to set the zero point and measure at any point of the scale, which is very convenient.
  • 【4 Types of Measurement】:This digital caliper has four types of measurement, you can use the two sets of jaws and a probe configured to measure depth, step, outer diameter and inner diameter, suitable for most measurement scenarios. In addition, the caliper measuring tool comes with a black portable and sturdy case for easy storage, pressure and shock resistance.
  • 【Millimeter and Inch Conversion】:This 6-inch digital caliper measuring tool can switch between two units with one click, very simple and fast, with a large LCD screen, even in strong sunlight is easy to use and read. This caliper tool will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of non-use to save power.
  • 【Wide Application】:This caliper comes with a ruler, a screwdriver, two batteries, a wider range of applications, suitable for most measurement scenarios, loved by professionals and amateurs, is the best choice for mechanics, woodworkers, jewelers, craftsmen, amateurs, DIY, auto mechanics, etc.
Bestseller No. 9
Digital Caliper, Electronic Micrometer Caliper with Stainless Steel, Waterproof Caliper Measuring Tool with Large LCD Screen for Household/DIY
  • [High precision measurement]: Having passed a number of accuracy tests, and the measurement range of this caliper micrometer is 0-6 inch / 0-150mm. The internal components of the linear capacitance measurement system can ensure that the deviation of the measured data is only 0.001-0.0005 inches, which can meet all your precise measurement needs.
  • [Waterproof and dirt proof]: This industrial digital display vernier caliper is made of stainless steel. When there are water stains or dust on the surface of the caliper, wipe it with a towel. And its service life is longer than that of calipers with plastic or carbon fiber parts.
  • [4 measurement modes]: Has 4 measurement modes, which can be used for absolute and relative measurement of the internal diameter, external diameter, hole depth, step height and other length dimensions of objects. One thing has a variety of measurement modes, which greatly facilitates our measurement work.
  • [Large LCD screen]: The vernier caliper is equipped with a large LCD screen, and the measurement results are clear at a glance. The low-power battery extends the life of the caliper. If the card is not used for a long time, it will automatically shut down, saving power intelligently.
  • [Wide application]: Stainless steel caliper can measure not only the length, but also the caliber and depth, allowing you to measure circular and cylindrical objects. More functions and better performance will meet your different needs. It is the first choice for jewelers, amateurs and woodworkers.
SaleBestseller No. 10
324 Ft Electronic Digital Tape Measure with LCD Display Digital Ruler Rechargeable Small Smart Long Distance Rolling Measuring Tool for Flat Curved Diameter Odd Shape High Precision Ideal Gifts
  • Multi Measuring - Linear measurement, circular measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, cylindrical diameter measurement, accumulation/subtraction of 10 historical records, measurement prompt sound, measurement breathing light , Unit switching. Easy to cover your daily measurement needs.
  • Rolling Electric Tape LCD Digital Screen - Rolling whatever you need to and you would easy to read the result from the LCD. Worry free from the tiny graduation on traditional rulers, good for tailors, students, seniors.
  • 324 Ft Long Measuring Tool - The digital tape measure ruler supports single range 0-29.5 feet distance measurement, cumulative distance measurement can be up to 324 feet
  • Hi-tech Microprocessor and Precision Encoder - Those 2 parts ensure you a ± 0.5% result, this is very helpful for E-commerce when calculating the dimension weight for shipping cost.
  • Light Weight and Pocket Size - 35g, Dia 2.09*0.6 inches

electronic ruler Buying Guide: All You Need To Know

As we said earlier, the usefulness of a product can heavily affect the way to use it. To help you find your perfect match, down below is a simplified guide to making the right purchase-

Before we begin, here are some tips that you might want to consider:

  • Know your budget
  • Costlier products come with better features
  • Don’t just go with what’s popular
  • Make a list of the features you’re looking for
  • Read customer reviews if available
  • Always think about the long run
  • Brand value is a good thing but don’t be biased
  • Compare between options
  • Check for warranty
  • Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale

Here are some of the things you should consider before purchasing electronic ruler

Value For Money

Before you spend your hard-earned money, be sure you are getting every bit of value out of it. There will be plenty of brands that will provide you with competitive as well as different price points. However, what your motto here should be is to make sure your money isn’t going to waste.

You might find something a bit more expensive and yet provides the exact stuffing that you need. Undoubtedly, paying those extra bucks would be meaningful.

On the other hand, if the same functionality is available at different price points, you shouldn’t have to spend more.


You are spending so much time on research to find the best, but what if that lasts less than the time it took to make the purchase decision? Well, longevity is certainly a factor to consider.

You surely can’t judge the longevity of a product just by looking at a picture. However, there are ways you can determine whether it will last long enough to make the product itself worth it or not.

Firstly, check out the build quality. You will come across different materials used in it to conclude its durability. Similarly, youtube videos and customer reviews are equally important. So it’s best if you can keep your eyes on those as well if you want a product that will last long.

Brand Value

It would be a smart choice for you to consider brand value as well. Unquestionably, they are here in the market with a great reputation due to their excellence. Brand value is something that is not gained in a single day or a month but rather in years of great service and providing satisfactory products.

However, another thing to keep in mind is not being biased. It’s also true that brands will use their name to sell the same quality product at a higher price. Thus, it’s up to you whether you would want to pay extra for assurance or go with one that’s providing the same thing at a cheaper price.


Getting a quality product is every consumer’s dream. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of ending up with a solid product at the most reasonable price ever. Well, thanks to the grades that the unbiased quality assurance team does for us.

Understanding how your product comes by is important, as not everything can be built with the same material and structure. Moreover, you will find different grades given to different materials and by which you can get assured of its quality.

Additional Features

Getting something extra is always a want rather than a need. It doesn’t harm if your item has a few more useful features than the others, but will generally cost you a bit more.

Nevertheless, the word useful is emphasized here. We are very much sure that you wouldn’t mind spending a few extra bucks on getting a feature that will come in handy. But is it worth it?

Keep your eyes on the list of additional features, and who knows you might find one that is just made for you. Nevertheless, you also have to decide how much you are willing to pay for that specific feature that you need.

If it’s slightly pricier but comes with your personalized feature then getting your hand on it is quite worth it.

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