Best Electrical Outlet Splitter For All Your Needs

Looking to buy the best electrical outlet splitter? However, you don’t know where to begin because of the many options available. Not to mention, some of the best products worth considering come in various price ranges and with different advanced features.

What’s more? Besides the cost of the product, you must consider factors like what materials it is made of. You also have to consider the product’s ease of use, durability, and quality. After all, different products are not built equally.

But don’t fret! In this blog post, you will discover the different things to consider when buying the best electrical outlet splitter. Check them out, plus additional buying tips, so you have an easier time finding the right product for your needs.

Comparison of top 10 electrical outlet splitter

Top Ten Tips for Buying the Best electrical outlet splitter

When we’re looking at a product, we consider a number of different factors. First and foremost, it needs to work well and be able to do what it says on the tin. It also has to be of good quality so that it lasts for years instead of months or weeks. We don’t just look at the product, though. We also consider the brand behind it and how they sell their products. This is important because it can tell us a lot about what kind of customer service they provide.

  • Determine how much you are willing to spend and choose a quality product within your budget.
  • Always try to take advantage of any available offers, like sales discounts. However, make sure the product meets all the quality requirements before buying.
  • Take your time to compare the product prices from different stores and manufacturers.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family members that have used the product.
  • Check every aspect of the product. This includes its features and what material it is made of to determine its quality.
  • Choose a product that matches your tastes and preferences in color and design.
  • Never buy the first product you come across despite how attractive its price is. Instead, take your time to compare with other options available.
  • Get a super easy product to use regardless of your technical expertise.
  • Check out the product’s reviews on as many independent websites as possible.
  • Consider how long the product will last by looking out for features like its return policy and warranty.
Bestseller No. 1
Surge Protector Outlet Extender, TESSAN 8 Multi Outlet Splitter with 3 USB Wall Charger (1 USB C Port), Three Sided 1700J Multiple Plug Wall Adapter for Home Office Dorm Room
  • 11 in 1 Multi Plug Outlet: It could turn 1 sockets into 8 outlets 3 USB. 8 AC outlets (3 sides) are separated without blocking each other ; it support dual range input of 15A, max 1875W, suitable for most appliances like laptops, hairdryers, shavers and more
  • USB Wall Plug: Dual USB A ports can charge up to 2.4A, and the USB C port can charge up to 3A; Ideal for cell phone, tablet, power bank, laptop etc; NOTE: The UCB-C port doesn't support any other devices which need 14~22V charging voltage
  • 1700J Surge Protector Outlet: Equipped surge protection can protect your home/office electronics from surges and spikes disturbances, keep your devices safe from circuit overload; The red light surge protection indicator remind you the surge protection is working
  • Double Stability and Wide Space: The screw included can be used to secure it on duplex outlet; Compatible for most wall outlets, fit over both GFCI, USB receptacle and standard; 3-sided design and 1.7 inches large space between sockets make it easier to use for all kinds of equipment
  • Suitable for Any Occasions: This multiple outlet wall plug is easy to use, apply for any indoor place with socket, especially for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hotel, office and college dorm room
SaleBestseller No. 2
Multi Plug Outlet Extender, Unidapt 3 Outlet Wall Adapter, Multiple Outlet Splitter, Grounded Wall Tap Power Plug Expander for Cruise Ship Home Office Dorm Essentials, 2-Pack
  • PLUGS FOR OUTLETS – Unidapt wall outlet extender box can make 1 outlet into 3 grounded ones. And accept 3 bulky plugs at once without blocking the other outlets and keeping it simple while charging many devices at once. Great for plugging in laptops, cell phones, cameras, shavers etc.
  • SMALL & SMART DESIGN – Your standard 1 outlet become 3 grounded outlets and you can get rid of that ugly bulky power strip making your home look more elegant. The smart design with side outlets on the outlet extender makes it perfect for hard to reach places where you want your cords sideways, like behind the couch, behind furniture and so on
  • MULTI USAGE (INCLUDING CRUISE SHIPS) – The extension plug is not only great for home, office and travel. They are also the perfect cruise ship accessories. Cruise lines will not accept power strips with surge protection and many prohibit extension cords. These multiplug extenders has no surge protection or cords and are approved for the cruise ships.
  • SPACE SAVER – Super small size 2.5*1.4” and only 1.18” deep when connected. These multi 3-prong outlet splitters are perfect for indoor use or even travel. Keep less tangle of cords in the bedroom, bathroom, dorm, office and living room. These 1 to 3 outlet adapter extenders make an awesome gift for friends or family.
  • Safety & Warranty – The outlet extenders are super safe and conforms to UL standards. Built with fire-proof ABS shell to ensure safety. Max output is 1875W at 125V or 15A at 125V. All Unidapt products comes with full 1-year warranty (with refund or replacement) and a PHENOMENAL Customer Service.
Bestseller No. 3
Cablelera Power Cord Extension and Splitter, NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R x 2, 16 AWG, 13A, 125V (ZWACPQAG-14)
  • Thick 16AWG cable is fully molded and durable.
  • Creates an additional NEMA 5-15R outlet.
  • 14" Black color
SaleBestseller No. 4
[UL Listed] Cable Matters 3-Pack 3 Outlet Wall Adapter, 3 Outlet Power Cube Tap, Outlet Splitter / 3 Way Plug Adapter in White
  • STURDY 3 OUTLET ADAPTER converts a single grounded outlet into 3 additional AC electrical outlets; Power splitter provides a convenient alternative to a bulky power strip
  • 90 DEGREE PLUG ADAPTER connects large wall warts without blocking the other AC outlet of a standard single-gang receptacle
  • COST-EFFECTIVE 3-PACK of 3 outlet wall taps provides a spare to keep in your laptop bag; A lifetime warranty and product support are included with these plug splitter wall taps
  • SPACE SAVING 3 plug outlet adapter tucks behind furniture to add additional outlets; Compact and lightweight AC adapter power outlet splitter travels with you to a hotel or conference room with limited AC receptacles
  • AC CORD COMPATIBLE with 3 prong grounded cords and 2 prong polarized electrical cords; Perfect solution for sideways AC receptacles that are mounted horizontally
Bestseller No. 5
GE 3-Outlet Extender Wall Tap, Grounded Adapter Plug, Indoor Rated, 3-Prong, Perfect for Travel, UL Listed, White, 52203
  • Expansion – Make room for your additional power needs by converting 1 grounded outlet into 3.
  • Space Saving – Horizontal design of the 3-Outlet Adapter Wall Tap keeps all plugs close to the wall to avoid clutter.
  • Indoor Rated – Use in your home or office to power lamps, tablets, cell phones chargers or printers.
  • Power – The 3-prong outlet adapter has a rating of a maximum of 15A/125VAC/1875W.
  • Trusted Brand – GE is a top brand in power strips, surge protectors and outlet adapters.
Bestseller No. 6
Multi Plug Outlet Extender 2 Pack - TROND Electrical Wall Outlet Splitter, 3 Way Outlet Wall Adapter, Small Multiple Plug Expander for Cruise Ship Home Office Dorm Room Essentials
  • 【Small Outlet Extender】The wall outlet extender can turn one wall outlet into 3 AC sockets, which creates a portable charging station for your various electronic devices. Great for plugging in laptops, cell phones, cameras, shavers, etc. The multiple outlet splitter has an electrical rating of 1875W (125V 15A).
  • 【Unique Shape & No Blocking】The shape of the wall outlet expander is a trapezoid shape, like a piece of cheese. The AC sockets are placed on three different sides, can accept 3 bulky plugs at once without blocking each other, and the power consumption is flexible and convenient.
  • 【Compact and Portable】The small size of 3.48 x 1.73 x 1.42 inches is perfect for your business trip or travel. This mini wall plug adapter can save you space, especially suitable for tight spaces, like behind the couch, behind furniture, and so on. Keep less tangle of cords in the bedroom, bathroom, dorm, office, and living room.
  • 【Cruise Essentials】This multi plug outlet extender has no surge protection and no cords, making it fully cruise ship approved. This outlet splitter solves your problem of using appliances on a cruise. Compliant with major cruise lines - Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney, etc.
  • 【Safe Assurance & Practical】The plug splitter is made of a Fire-resistant PC shell and certified by FCC & ROHS which can improve durability and safety. 2-pack is more practical, and you can plug in both plug extenders at the same time to charge up to six devices. This multiple plug outlet is suitable for any occasion, especially for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hotel, college dorm room, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Multi Plug Outlet Splitter with USB, TESSAN 4 Electrical Multiple Outlet Extender with 3 USB Wall Charger, Mini Double Plug Expander for Travel, Home, Office, Cruise Dorm Essentials
  • Multiple Plug Outlet: Equip with wide spaced double outlet plug at the front and 2 pin outlet at the both side, accommodates 4 bulky plugs at the same time without blocking, support 125V, 15A, max 1875W, suitable for most home appliances like laptops, hairdryers, shavers and more; Fit over both GFCI and standard receptacles
  • USB Wall Plug: 3 USB ports can detect charged devices and deliver optimum fast charging speed up to 2.4A (max), ideal for cell phone, Tablet, etc; The indicator let you know the plug extender is on/off
  • Space Saving: This plug splitter occupies only a single outlet on your wall panel, put on the top outlet and you still have enough room to be used; 1 outlet can extender to 3 USB ports and 4 outlets, powering up to 7 devices at the same time
  • Small and Travel: This wall plug extender is compact and lightweight design to fit into luggage and briefcases, enough for normal use; Support dual range input of 100-125V, ideal for travel and business trip, this electrical outlet extender has no cords, making it fully cruise ship approved
  • Suitable for any occasions: Our multi outlet plug can be used in any indoor place with socket, especially for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hotel and college dorm room etc
Bestseller No. 8
Multi Plug Outlet Extender, SUPERDANNY Outlet Splitter Surge Protector with 360° Rotating Plug, 9 AC Outlets, 3 USB Wall Charger, 4-Sided Swivel Wall Plug Extender for Home, Office, Travel, White
  • 【360° Rotating Outlet Extender】 The rotatable outlet splitter is different from ordinary multiple outlets, it can rotate to the left or right 360° without dead angles and can be adjusted manually to get the right angle. Note: The screwdriver needs to touch the bottom of the prongs, otherwise it may damage them.
  • 【12-In-1 Outlet Splitter with USB】 The multiple plug outlet has 9 AC outlets (1875W/15A) and 3 USB ports (sharing max 5V/3.4A) to charge up to 12 electrical devices simultaneously. Grounded and surge protection indicators bring safety to light.
  • 【4-Facet Spacious Layout】 Accommodates 9 bulky plugs at once without blocking one another, and 3 USBs on the side charge electronics directly without any adapters. An ideal choice for home office power supply.
  • 【Worldwide Travel-Ready】 This multiple wall charger expander applies to global travels with a compact size (6″× 1.9″× 1.7″) and universal voltage compatibility (110~240V). 3 smart USB ports save the hassle of bringing extra adapters and still charge at a reasonable speed.
  • 【7-Fold Safety Protection】 Protected against electrical surges (1050J), over-voltage, over-current, overheat, ground fault, and short-circuit, SUPERDANNY outlet extender with a fire-retardant casing (V-0 grade) safeguards your devices and gives you peace of mind.
SaleBestseller No. 9
GE 6-Outlet Extender Wall Tap, Grounded Adapter, Charging Station, 3-Prong, Secure Install, UL Listed, White, 54947
  • Power More – Turn 2 outlets into 6 with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Adapter that can power your home or office electronics
  • Charging Station – Create a charging hub for your portable devices by plugging chargers into these 3-prong outlets to keep your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth speakers, Nintendo Switch, smartwatch or Fitbit fully powered
  • Space Saving – Expanding your outlet can be sleek with this slim outlet adapter wall tap to power your devices
  • Secure – Keep the wall tap in place with the center screw to anchor the outlet adapter in place
  • Rating – This wall tap is UL Listed and has an electrical rating of 125VAC/15A/1875W
SaleBestseller No. 10
Multi Plug Outlet Extender USB - TROND Electrical Wall Outlet Splitter with 2 USB Charger and 3 Outlet, Multiple Plug Extender Outlet Box, USB Cube Adapter for Kitchen, Home, Bathroom, Cruise, Travel
  • 【Multi Plug Outlet Extender】 This outlet extender features 3 grounded AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports, making it suitable for charging laptops, cell phones, iPad, AirPods, cameras, warmer, toothbrush, lighted mirrors, etc
  • 【3 Sided Outlets - Non-Block Design】 With the 3-sided easy-access design, this outlet splitter allows you to plug three bulky 3 prong power adapters on each side. 2 USB plugs on the front of this outlet extender are for USB charging(2.4A total output). Turning 1 wall outlet into 2 USB wall plugs and 3 outlets
  • 【Cruise Essentials】 Cruise Accessories Must Haves. Surge-protected power strips are not permitted on most cruise ships for safety concerns. This cruise outlet strip is non-surge and complies with major cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney, etc, feeling safe to pass through customs and security checks without a hitch
  • 【Compact Travel Accessory】 This USB outlet adapter is a mini cube design (2.40” x 1.97” x 1.97”), which helps to save your precious luggage space, and makes a great travel companion for you on the road. No need to take an additional USB phone charger while traveling
  • 【USB outlet splitter】 Features 2 USB charging ports. The smart charging technology detects and delivers an ideal input current of each up to 5V/2.4A. Ideal for charging laptops, iPhones, iPad, and cameras.

electrical outlet splitter Buying Guide

With tons of product options available in the market today, shopping for the best one can be overwhelming. Nothing to worry about, though. In this guide, we will discuss the main factors to consider to help you make a good buying decision.

Quality Construction

The first thing to consider is what materials the electrical outlet splitter is constructed from. Some types of materials are of better quality and more durable than others. And if the product is made of the highest-quality materials, you can expect it to last longer.

However, you might have to pay slightly higher than usual for such a product. So, you also have to think about your budget.

Brand Reputation

You must consider buying the product from a reputable brand for peace of mind. This is because a reputable manufacturer is likely to sell quality products with long-lasting performance.

In addition, a brand with a good reputation will be willing to take responsibility if its products have manufacturing defects. This is to prevent their credibility from being destroyed.

Generally, brands that have existed for a longer time tend to have the best reputation. However, this is not always the case. Many brands have good reputations, yet they have not been in the industry for long.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Before buying a product, you should find out what people who have used it before have to say. Reading the opinions of other customers will give you a clear idea of the pros and cons of the product. As such, it will be easier to decide whether or not the product is worth buying.

You see, if the product has many positive reviews and high ratings, it means most of the customers are satisfied with it. But if it has more negative reviews, it is an indication that the product could be having quality issues.

However, you must note that some manufacturers will post fake customer reviews about the product on their official websites. Therefore, you must look for reviews from independent websites.

Ease of Use

Another factor you must consider is the usability of the product. How user-friendly is it? Because the last thing you want is to spend hours learning how the product works.

With this in mind, you must read different customers’ feedback about the product. Also, consider getting a product that comes with straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions.

Warranty and Return Policy

Buying the best product is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is only fitting that the product is covered against manufacturing defects and poor craft.

For peace of mind, you should consider getting a product backed by at least a one-year warranty. This is because some manufacturers provide a longer or shorter warranty than others. Also, make sure you know what the warranty covers and what can void it.

You must also consider the product’s return policy. Some brands will let you return the product within 30-days after purchase at no cost. However, others don’t give you this option.


The best electrical outlet splitter is not cheap, as prices vary based on quality, brand reputation, durability, and other factors. But don’t fret because you can still find affordable options.

However, before making your purchase, you must work out your budget. This will help you quickly narrow down some of the best options available. But don’t be quick to settle for a cheaper product because the quality might not match that of an expensive product.

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