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Best Pizza Dough Proofing Box In 2022

Proofing pizza dough is a crucial step in the pizza dough prep procedure. And when done correctly, it leaves your dough with no choice but to yield to a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy crust structure.

The best pizza dough proofing box is all you need to perfectly proof your pizza dough. But there are too many of them, with varying sizes, styles, materials, etc., and figuring out which one will work for you can take forever.

Luckily for you, we have dived into the market and sieved through the various models available, and narrowed them down to the following top dough boxes for easy selection.

Comparison Table on Best Pizza Dough Proofing Box

What Is a Pizza Proofing Box?

A pizza proofing box is an airtight container specially made for proofing pizza dough—i.e. helping your dough rise. The box helps keep the temperature constant, thereby ensuring the rising time is faster and more effective.

The box is usually accompanied by a lid that helps you control the amount of moisture (humidity) that gets inside. The lid also helps keep potential contaminants and debris from getting into contact with your dough.

The box is used by both commercial pizza establishments as well as home-based bakers.

Proofing is the final bit of pizza dough preparation before you can start baking it. It is also referred to as letting the dough rise as it involves letting the dough rise for the second time after the dough balls have been shaped.

During the proofing phase, the yeast in the dough produces gas which then imparts aeration to your dough just before you go to the baking stage.

Top 8 Best Pizza Dough Proofing Box Reviews

1. DoughMate Artisan Dough Tray Kit

DoughMate Artisan Dough Tray Kit
  • Professional quality, heavy-duty, light-weight, and durable. Made of Super High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene.
  • Kit includes two dough trays, one lid, and one DoughMate plastic putty scraper
  • Interlocking so that each covered tray is air-tight.
  • Fits into most standard home refrigerators. Check measurements to be sure.
  • 17.75 x 13 x 7 inches (total kit dimensions) / 16 x 11 x 2.75 inches inside each tray

This kit is sent to you with a functional lid to offer your doughs an airtight environment for a long time—enabling the yeast to ferment fully, producing better dough, and ultimately producing great pizza.

It is constructed from copolymer polypropylene, a plastic with super-high impact resistance and excellent durability. It is also chemical resistant and has a smooth surface which prevents your dough from sticking.

The trays are made to stick to each other nicely and form an airtight lid, so you’ll need only a few lids.

The complete kit includes two dough pans, one cover, and a spatula. Despite its big 8-10 dough capacity, this kit will easily fit in most standard home refrigerators. Since this material is dishwasher safe, cleaning it is a breeze for you.


  • fits in a standard refrigerator
  • stackable design
  • sturdy and durable
  • easy to clean
  • comes complete with lid, spatula
  • reasonably priced


  • the tray bottom is not flat
  • the lid doesn’t seal the box completely

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2. GSM Commercial Quality Pizza Dough Proofing Box

GSM Brands Pizza Dough Proofing Box - Stackable Commercial Quality Trays with Covers (17.25 x 13 Inches) - 2 Trays and 2 Covers
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Our dough proofing boxes are generously sized at 17.25 x 13 x 3.54" with covers and sturdy enough to stack while you wait.
  • BPA FREE: With our food grade white plastic, you can rest assured your customers are being served the highest quality breads and pizzas.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction with covers, our proofing boxes will become a staple in your kitchen for years to come
  • STACK & STORE: Our nifty boxes are esigned so that when the covers are removed, the basins stack together, saving storage space
  • GIFTABLE: A practical gift for the aspiring chef, new restaurant owner or crafty mom

Do you have a pizza lover in you who loves making pizza? If yes, this dough storage container might be a practical gift for them. This box is designed with commercial quality and will fit the needs of both restaurant and home pizza bakers.

It provides you with a generous 17.25 x 13 x 3.54″ capacity for accommodating your pizza doughs or bread during the proofing stage. The lids fit tight to form a complete air loc needed to perfectly proof your doughs. The size is also great for almost any refrigerator.

The box comes at reasonable pricing but offers you two trays and a lid for each of them. The basins are also designed to stack together when you remove their cover to help you save as much space as possible.

This proofing box is built to last. It features a sturdy white plastic construction that can withstand impacts and serve you for years to come. What’s more, the plastic is 100% BPA-free, so you can stay assured that you’re serving your customers with high-quality and healthy pizzas.

Cleanup is a breeze for this set of proofing boxes. The trays are dishwasher top rack friendly which makes cleaning hassle-free in restaurants where you may have numerous boxes to tackle.


  • a set of two trays
  • lid for each tray included
  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • stackable
  • sturdy construction
  • dishwasher safer


  • the tray bottom is uneven

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3. Cambro Camwear Polycarbonate Pizza Dough Box

Pizza Dough Box - Camwear Polycarbonate, 18"Wx26"Dx3"H 1 Each
  • 3" deep pan works great for smaller pies
  • Plastic design ensures that these containers will not rust
  • Stackable crates utilize space well

Cambro is a well-known manufacturer of quality food storage containers and they extend their product line to bring you the best pizza dough proofing box models for conveniently proofing and storing your pizza doughs.

Measuring 26″ L x 18″ W x 3″ D, this container is constructed using virtually unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate plastic. This enables it to excellently resist breaking, stains, and chemicals, and hold up to daily use in pizza restaurants as well as home baking.

The sides of the container are reinforced for added strength to resist bending resistance.

Unlike other manufacturers that don’t care about your own safety, Cambro has smoothened and rounded the edges on this dough box to make it safe for you to use without injuring your hands.

Cleaning this dough box is an easy exercise and the fact that it comes in white color means it creates a clean feel. Because the tray surface is smooth, your dough won’t stick on it and you’ll easily lift them when you want to bake them.

Don’t forget that this box is dishwasher safe and can withstand a wide temperature range of -40 to 210 degrees F.


  • safe rounded edges
  • dishwasher safe
  • ultra-durable plastic construction
  • easy and quick to clean
  • stackable


  • doesn’t come with a lid

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The biggest letdown by many proofing box manufacturers is sending a proofing box to you without a lid. But Alfa is an exception brand because they send you this pizza proofing box with lid without setting the price too high.

This proofing tray is well constructed and feels extremely sturdy. The box is made using polycarbonate plastic which is heavy-duty and will serve you for a long time. This material can also withstand high temperatures and is resistant to oils, acids, and chemicals, further enhancing its longevity. The lid is made using polyethylene, which is an equally durable material

Both the box and the lid are pretty easy to clean. Their smooth surfaces contribute to easy cleaning and the white color will give you a clean feel. This box is also dishwasher safer.

Regarding the size, this proofing tray is pretty large. Its interior dimensions are 14.5 x 10.5 x 3.81 inches and will hold a large number of doughs, though the exact number will depend on the size of pizza doughs you’re making.

Like most of the other boxes featured above, this box is highly stackable and will help you free up space in your storage. It will also save you from using covers for each tray. The lid will form a completely airtight space inside the tray to give your doughs the perfect proofing environment for perfect and better-tasting pizzas!


  • made in Italy
  • sturdy plastic construction
  • BPA-free plastic
  • comes with a lid
  • stackable container
  • dishwasher safe


  • dimple in the center due to injection molding

5. American Metalcraft DRB18230 Dough Box

American Metalcraft DRB18230 Dough Box, White, 26-Inches, 3-Inch Height
  • Standard dough box allows for dough proofing and protection
  • Plastic, ABS construction
  • Designed with reinforced corners, sides and edges
  • Comes in a solid, familiar white color
  • Measures: 3-inch wide x 3 ½-inch deep

If you’re looking for a well-made, strong, and durable dough container that gives you value for money, this is the best dough proofing box for you. The box looks and feels quite strong and looks like it will serve you for a hundred years!

Tough ABS plastic construction makes this dough box extremely durable and enables it to resist minor damages like breaking or bending. Its sides, corners, and edges are reinforced to boost the box’s sturdiness and durability.

Besides excellent quality, this box is also highly functional and will give your pizza doughs excellent protection and a perfect proofing environment. It measures 3-inches wide by 3 1/2-inches deep, which means it can handle a lot of pizza doughs for a small pizza restaurant or for your home baking needs.

Since this box is stackable, you can easily place it on top of other models from the same manufacturer to help save as much space as possible. Also, keep in mind that this dough box is interchangeable with other select American Metalcraft models to ensure your overall convenience.

The dough proofing basin comes in a familiar white color. It cleans up pretty easily and is also dishwasher safe


  • made in USA
  • tough ABS plastic construction
  • reinforced sides, corners, and edges
  • dishwasher safe
  • stacks securely with other trays


  • lid not included

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6. Cambro DB18263P-148 Pizza Dough Box

Cambro DB18263P148 White 18" x 26" x 3" Pizza Dough Box
  • Model #: DB18263P148
  • StoreSafe
  • Use to proof and store dough
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Keeps it fresh and prevents crusting

The Cambro shows up again with another best pizza dough proofing box for proofing, storing, and transporting your pizza dough. This particular box is made of polypropylene materials which makes it resistant to breaking and highly durable.

The material is also chemical resistant and doesn’t retain odors, which makes it easy for you to clean. The box is white in color so it will offer you a clean look. This color will also easily fit into different settings.

Not to forget, this material is lightweight and dishwasher safe for an even easier cleaning experience, especially for professional environments.

We liked that this dough box can be stacked with other dough boxes to form a tower of dough boxes and help save space in your storage areas. Plus, when you nest it with other boxes, it acts as an airtight lid and eliminates the need to cover all your boxes during proofing.

The exact dimensions of this box are 8″ x 26″ x 3″; this shows how spacious the box is and it will accommodate a handful of doughs. This container is a great model for home bakers or pizza lovers who bake less than 10 doughs at a go.


  • solid construction quality
  • dishwasher safer
  • stackable
  • chemical-resistant


  • the lid is sold separately
  • too big to fit in most standard refrigerators

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7. Paderno World Cuisine Stackable Pizza Dough Container

Paderno World Cuisine Stackable Pizza Dough Container
  • Stackable for crowded kitchens
  • Ideal for pizza dough
  • Keeps dough moist and fresh
  • Constructed of polyethylene
  • Engineered in italy by paderno world cuisine

As we get closer to the close of our list of the best pizza dough proofing container reviews, we have this pizza dough container from Paderno. This made in Italy container receives high ratings because it is well crafted and is sure to serve you for an extended period of time.

The manufacturer uses quality polyethylene material for the box construction which gives it a durable feel. The material is stain-free, so it will give you an easy cleaning experience. Its interior feels incredibly smooth and is super-easy to clean.

The overall measurements of this container are 23 5/8″L X 15 7/8″W X 3 1/2″H and this shows it is big enough to hold a good number of doughs for home pizza baking.

The stackable design is another reason we feature this container on our list and will enable you to pile up your proofing boxes and save a significant amount of space in crowded kitchens. The stacked boxes will also need no lids since they’ll enjoy an airtight seal from the boxes sitting above them, for the best proofing results.

Whether you’re a foodie or known of your loved one who loves baking pizza at home, this pizza dough container might just be the perfect gift for them this Christmas!


  • quality box made in Italy
  • sturdy plastic construction
  • can be used for other baking activities
  • BPA-free
  • stackable dough box
  • comes in different size options


  • the lid is sold separately

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8. Cambro DB18263P-148 Polypropylene Pizza Dough Boxes

Cambro Polypropylene Pizza Dough Boxes, 3" Deep, 6PK White DB18263P-148
  • Item Package Dimension 25.99999997348L x 18.799999980823998W x 18.49999998113H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 24.29999997962225 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1

This set of pizza proofing trays from Cambro takes up the last spot on our list. Just like the other Cambro we discussed earlier, this is a multi-purpose tray set suitable for storing, transporting, and proofing your pizza doughs.

You’ll get this Cambro set in a total of 6 trays, which makes them a great choice for users who usually bake more pizzas regularly.

With each box 18″ x 26″ x 3″, this 6-pack will give you a pretty spacious total capacity to accommodate all your pizza doughs. Each of the doughs will enjoy plenty of room where they can comfortably cool, rest, and rise to ensure you get the perfect taste and texture in your pizzas.

Construction-wise, the dough boxes are made using polypropylene plastic material which is extremely durable and impact-resistant. The materials resist chemicals pretty well and will serve you for quite an extended period of time.

You’ll definitely like that this Cambro set of boxes easily stack over each other and with other boxes of similar sizes to help free up space in tiny cooking spaces.

For the cleaning part, this Cambro has a smooth surface and cleans up effortlessly. The container’s chemical and stain-resistant nature further aids in the easy cleaning process. The material is also dishwasher safe.


  • a set of 6 boxes
  • heavy-duty construction
  • stackable for space-saving storage
  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • dishwasher safe


  • too pricey
  • lids not included

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Why Do You Need a Pizza Proofing Box?

As we mentioned at the beginning, proofing is an important step in pizza making process and can greatly affect how your pizza tastes when it’s finally ready. To ensure correct proofing and better-tasting pizza, you’ll need a pizza proofing box.

The perfect proofing box will not only help your pizza crust taste good but will also make it look good. It enables the dough to develop its gluten strains which give the gets crust its strong structure. This means that your pizza will stay level and it won’t bow down to you when you pick a slice.

Correct proofing with the box will also give the crust a hole structure which contributes to making it lighter and tender.

Some people tend to use small home containers in their homes to proof their dough. However, this always causes the dough to stick together when they grow and affect their ability to rise properly.

A dedicated proof box, on the other hand, is airtight and specially made for this job, so it’ll give your doughs a better rise.

A good proof box will offer you a clean and convenient space for putting your dough to rest, cool, and rise before you can bake it.

The proof box will also help control temperature and humidity, thus creating an ideal environment for the yeast to leaven your dough.

Because these boxes come in varying size options, you can easily find large models to meet your needs for more proofing a larger quantity of doughs for restaurants or a smaller model for proofing a few pizza doughs for home baking.

What Makes a Good Pizza Proofing Box?

The market is filled with numerous pizza-proofing pans. These vary in terms of materials, sizes, styles, and designs, which makes finding the right material a time-consuming and daunting process for you.

Below, we have listed the most important features that will help you easily navigate through the numerous boxes and find the right one for your particular needs.


One of the things that can make a good pizza dough proofing box is the material is made of. Ideally, you want a material that’s durable so that your box will last for a long time. You also want to choose a material that’s easy to clean.

The most popular boxes you’ll find on the market today are made of plastic, metals such as aluminum, or fiberglass.

Aluminum models are heavy-duty and durable, self-stacking, and tend to refrigerate faster.

Fiberglass containers are also durable, easy to clean/dishwasher safe, and resistant to stains.

Plastic boxes are more affordable compared to the metal and fiberglass models. Plastic dough boxes are also dishwasher safe, easy to clean, durable, and can withstand proofing cabinet and drawer temperatures. And their smooth surface keeps your doughs from sticking.

Options for plastic models include polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS plastic, and Teflon co-polymer.

Tip: If you go with a plastic box, make sure it is 100% BPA-free for a healthier cooking experience.


If you’re looking for the best pizza dough proofing container for use in commercial pizza places, where you bake a high number of pizzas in a day, it means you’ll be proofing a high number of pizza doughs.

In this case, you should get large proof boxes that can hold as many doughs as possible. There are large enough models with a capacity of 12 doughs and will meet your dough storage needs.

For home baking, where you only work with only a few pizza doughs, the best pizza proofing box for home use should be a smaller model with a capacity of 3-10 doughs. You also won’t need to buy more than one box.

Lid or no lid?

A lid is an important part of your proofing box because it makes your box airtight and enables you to control the humidity inside the proofing area.

If you leave your dough box uncovered, it will develop a dry crust and when you later stretch out your dough, it will form small pieces of crust which will not only affect the final look but also the taste of your pizza.

For perfectly cooked pizza, we advise you to get a container with a lid to help you maintain the right amount of moisture needed to keep the dough from crusting and promote ideal conditions for yeast to grow.

An added benefit of the lid is that it keeps away debris and other contaminants from your pizza doughs while they rise.


The ability of several proof boxes to nicely cling over each other is also a crucial buying factor.

This feature is especially helpful for professionals setting where you deal with multiple boxes and want to stack them together to help save as much space as possible.

An added benefit of self-stacking boxes is that you’ll only need to use one lid for the cover box sitting at the top as the rest are already covered as a result of the stacking process.


Proofing remains a crucial step in your pizza dough preparation process, whether you’re a home baker or commercial pizza baker. How you proof your doughs can make or break your pizza.

Now that we have already offered you a complete list of the best pizza dough proofing box models on the market today, you can now order the best box to proof your doughs correctly so you can start producing those perfectly browned, crispy, and tasty pizzas!

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